ProCA Estimates 50 Mln EUR Turnover In 2008

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ProCA is planning to reach 50 million EUR in turnover this year following the addition of several premium brands to the distribution portfolio, according to CEO Sorin Stancu. "Our turnover exceeded 36 million EUR last year and we have serious reasons to believe that we will reach 50 million this year," he said.

ProCA distributes mainly computers, computer peripherals, components, printing products, consumables and mobile equipment. Investments planned for this year amount to over half a million euros and are already in progress. Among others, the company will implement SAP and IBM Websphere.

"We have also prepared a number of long-term programs through which we invest in the businesses of our local partners. International suppliers are also involved. Part of the projects will be branded Octra. Thus, the number of computers assembled in 2008 will reach 40,000, with the growth being equally distributed among local partners, retail and online commerce," Stancu added.

ProCA was established in 1995. Ten years later, the company became part of RTC Holding. Since 2006, ProCA is the IT&C distribution arm of RTC Holding.

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