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BURSA, media partner of the congress of the "Cybersecurity in Romania", is pleased to invite you to participate in a very special event, the only congress in Central and Southern EU supported and co-organized with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which has distinguished it in 2015 with the title of "Good Practices Example for the European Continent".

Already at its 4th edition, this is the only non-technical and non-marketing event in Romania in the IT&C security field, addressing to both national and international experts and oriented towards international cooperation and regional real public private partnership models of success identified at the global level.

The congress: September 14th-16th

The Congress, organized in cooperation with the ITU under the aegis of the Swiss Embassy in Romania, takes place in partnership with ANCOM, IGPR, SRI (Cyberint), the CERT-RO, but also the Ministry of Security and Economy of the Swiss Canton of Geneva, the center of the Special Telecommunications of the Republic of Moldova, the Global Security Center of the Italian Posts.

Among professional partners, it is backed by powerful associations, such as the CLUSIS (Swiss Association for Information Security), its Romanian counterpart, the ANSSI and leading global, regional and local cmpanies such as Clico, Check Point, Q-East Software Avnet, SecureWorks, SonicWall, Trend Micro, Unicredit, Biss, Bitdefender, Belkasoft Tryamm, Orange, Siveco, or Intel/Mc Affee, which active participation through VIP speakers is the best proof of the quality of the event.

As the previous editions, "Cybersecurity in Romania" will cover the themes under the yearly spotlights, on the basis of international developments in the field of IT&C security and threats, regulations and specific standards, solutions, tools and innovative technologies, all presentations being backed by the some of the very best Romanian and foreign specialists.

Elite Training courses with LIMITED PLACES: September 13th-14th

For participants, the organizers propose 4 training sessions of two days (13-14 September), unique in Romania, taught and certified by some of the best European specialists in the domain.Taught abroad against a fee ranging up to 2-3000 EUR, they are offered to the Romanian public, only in the context of the Cybersecurity in Romania Congress, at prices of up to 10 times smaller.

In addition to the theoretical part, all courses shall include significant hands-on part, using the most advanced programs, applications and methods! Furthermore, all these courses are made in the context of the latest european regulations, which include recommendations and obligations in the field of IT&C security for all categories of organizations.

The OSINT course (Open Source Intelligence), led by certified trainers will be carried out with the participation of special guest Raoul Chiesa, one of the first Italians hackers, who subsequently passed on the right side of the law and founded Security Brokers International. If a traditional Google search gives you access to 5-10% of the available information, thanks to the use of OSINT specific knowledge and the instruments, which are 100% legal, you will find up to 80 % of the relevant information available in the Internet, so you can you know better potential customers, business partners or competitors. Therefore, the course is valuable for business specialists, staff recruiters, lawyers, journalists, politicians, specialists in communications and marketing analysts, etc.

Jamil Ouazzani, internationally recognized specialist in Competitive Intelligence, proposes the course Competing in the Global World, addressed to decision-makers wishing to shape the strategy of their company in order to benefit from all the opportunities of the hyper-connected world. The course abounds in examples and propose the versions directly applicable tools and workshops, with concrete and immediate results for the participants.

Luca Tenzi, Security Integration Officer to ITU and vice-president of the CLUSIS Switzerland, on the basis of his experience of more than 20 years in companies of the Fortune 100 and 500 rankings, willl teach a course on " Integrating physical and logical security ", proposing a model of concrete action to increase the level of the organizational security by erasing the border between securing your real (physical) assets and your virtual ones.

The Course "Learn to be safe!" will be delivered by a team: Raoul Chiesa, Laurent Chrzanovski and Doris Altenkamp. It will review the manner in which we interact with the technology, from apps to software to social media, including hardware and the IoT (Internet of Things) we use daily. Every single major risk and threat, to which we are exposed all day long, will be analyzed, and the methods through which we can protect us will be provided, hands on.

FREE AWARENESS DAY: September 14th

For all non-technical participants to the congress, the organizers, together with CLICO, have prepared (a premiere in Romania) a free awareness training day, analyzing with you the most important actual IT&C dangers. The day is made by interventions of an international group composed by some the best independent analysts. Specific vocabulary and notions included in easily understandable, illustrated examples will enable participants to interact then efficiently with the speakers of the « Cybersecurity in Romania » congress.


All those interested in Security matters and who wish to benefit from the special conditions offered by the organizers of the congress can find all the details on the official website cybersecurity-romania.ro and use the special registration form on www.bursa.ro