The strongest "statesmen in the PSD" are...women!

Cornel Codiţă (translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
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The strongest "statesmen in the PSD" are...women!

Unless something happens to cause us to hurry, by this Friday, or by Monday-Tuesday at the latest, we will be able to say: "Now we've seen everything!" For a historic first time, Romania will have a woman as a prime-minister! At least, that's what the PSD is proposing, and based on the initial reactions, there is every likelihood of the solution being accepted by President Iohannis. A president who is very tame politically, who has forgotten about "his government" and the sins of the PSD.

A president "tamer" than Brâncuşi's "Wisdom of the Earth", currently concerned only that the "internal turmoil" of the ruling party could turn into political crises and "Heaven forbid!" it might affect the boom of the Romanian economy. Due to his newly acquired exemplary tameness, Iohannis didn't even bother to invite the resigning prime-minister to the Cotroceni palace, and to ask him, at least for appearance's sake, what he started with and what he has accomplished, whether he could try and serve as interim prime-minister for a few days, if for no other reason, that we could have had the opportunity to pretend that we know what a government is, as a "state institution" and not just a group of puppets put together at the headquarters of the PSD. But let's stay optimistic and see the bright side! Since this is the best we can do, maybe it's better to have a government than not having one! The other good news is that in doing so, we are going even further into the world of the exemplary and applied "gender political correctness", where "amazons" have long ago reached top executive positions, "Prime-Minister", "President". Great Britain, Germany, France, Poland, the Nordic area, with cu Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, but also closer to us, the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Cyprus, Malta (to provide just a few examples) have already taken the leap and I've never heard of anybody claiming it is necessarily worse, or wrong. Let's hope for the best!

And now, fun time is over, here come the bad news! The new government has barely taken office and we have already run into the bad news! We have to deal with it, everything comes at a price! It's only the PSD and the rest of the Romanian politics that are still ignoring this universal truth, which is more inflexible than Newton's laws!

The first not really good news is that we have missed on yet another opportunity to put back on the rails, the good one, the long lost train of Romanian politics. In order to do so, it would have been necessary to have in Cotroceni a "politician" within Plato's meaning of the word, who would understand the urgency and the absolute necessity of this movement for the Good of the City called Romania; a President capable of staking his current term and sacrifice his next one for an ideal that he believed in and to which he would dedicate himself, the reformation of structures, of algorithms and of the political morals in Romania; a president who would open up the political horizon far beyond the walls of Cotroceni and the door of the luxury limo hastily opened by the guard in charge, a few times a day.

Unfortunately, that character is missing, not just from the current position of President, but also in the wider range of characters and masks that run around our "political scene".

The second news, which is really bad, is that after all this ruckus, we don't have even the slightest guarantee about the future. There is nothing preventing the repeat of the scenario with the prime-minister and the government being replaced another six months down the road, or even earlier, or whenever Dragnea feels like it! Nothing of what has happened these days tells us anything bout the rules that govern the making of the major decisions in Romania's government, about the liability of those who make this kind of decisions. Mr. Dragnea, for once, who we are forced to assume is involved in everything that has happened since the last elections and up to this day, gave us, in passing, a version that leaves us dumbfounded. He admitted it and to him that looks like a sufficient excuse: "I seem to have a bad touch when it comes to people"!!!! As if this were a casino and poor Dragnea always draws the losing card?!! "Hey, let's let someone else try their luck!" This is Dragnea's solution when it comes to the logic and the dynamic of governing in Romania!

Finally, the third news, which is really, really bad, just so I don't call it catastrophic, is that any hope of a minimum of consistency when it comes to the objectives and the measures of the PSD government has flown out the window. No one, anywhere is going to risk even one penny on Romania, relying on the empty talk of the leaders of the PSD about their "governing program", about their great objectives and other such malarkey. Romania will stay afloat, taking water, more or less based on the waves and storms that other place in our path, for two more years, aimlessly, without any compass, without anybody being capable to steer the rudder in one direction or another, any more than from one day to the next. Meanwhile, we are going to miss the room for maneuvering that the rotating presidency of the EU provides us, we will continue to remain incapable of articulating even syllables (much less a discourse based on ideas) in the international policy, in the major crises that surround us, in the relations with those sitting down at the playing table of Europe and of the Euro-Atlantic space. These are the bitter fruits of an electoral projects led by the rigged mechanics of numbers and by the completely irresponsible behavior of those who in that way get into power.

Since it's all a gamble, all we can do is hope that the "female graft", inserted into the rotten stalk of the Romanian politics, will at least for once produce good fruit, as opposed to the poisoned ones we keep picking up for such a long time.

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