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The "Pro Generation" sucks

One member of the herd of the National Audiovisual Council, called Valentin-Alexandru Jucan, has succeeded in transposing intellectual vacuum in written form, by posting his praise of Adrian Sârbu on his personal Facebook page, addressed in contempt to the current head of PRO TV, Lithuanian Aleksandras Cesnavicius, which begins with the words "Mr. Cesnavicius, you will never be Adrian Sârbu", and ends with "Mr. Cesnavicius, "Think free"! Cos (Fincă) [sic!] you are not ProTV. < < We are ProTV > >!"

You can understand from the very beginning that we are dealing with an abysmal case: "Cos (Fincă)" comes from a man who graduated from two colleges.

Valentin-Alexandru Jucan is a cellist from Cluj, who, feeling uncertain after his first college, felt the need to attend law school as well in his native hometown, but it would seem that the second college did not help him in his career, as he went on to become an advisor in three different ministries, (including the Ministry of Culture!), before becoming the shepherd of audiovisual.

He got upset that PRO TV broadcasted an interview with the raped girl of Vaslui, making "circus for money", money which they earned thanks to the wider audience they got.

Yes, that's not deontological.

Jucan could have stuck to that.

But he is chomping at the bit to humiliate the Lithuanian, by comparing him to Sârbu: " will never reach the level of what he created or match the way he knew how to be the parent of a worthy generation of journalists."

It would be useless to recount Adrian Sârbu's Pro TV of 1996, when one of its reporters announced a pilot's wife that he had died in a plane crash, shot the wife's reactions and broadcasted them - it would be useless, because that case of journalistic infamy has made it into the Romanian journalism manuals and is being studied in college.

What am I going to say?!

Which infamy is greater, that of Cesnavicius or that Sârbu?

Has anybody got a scale?

It would be useless to analyze Jucan's "ideas", his clear preference for a TV network leader that has been promoting and established boorishness, the lack of respect for values, by imposing chaos in the public space, which is why this member of the National Council of the Audiovisual is incapable of distancing himself from Sârbu, even after the latter went to jail, in the tax evasion and money laundering scandal that he is involved in.

All I wanted to do was to show that the text posted by Jucan contains mistakes, which either demonstrate his disinterest, or his depressing level of education.

Because aside from that "Cos", the man also spelled "disgusted" wrong - the way he did was changed back in 1929.

Quoting a doctor, he writes "the desacration ("desacrare") of human suffering"; a word which did not exist in Romanian, in 1929, nor has it ever existed in an other year; when running a Google search for that word, it will suggest a different word instead, with a wholly different meaning.

The man signs his text as follows: "Valentin-Alexandru Jucan, member of the National Council of Audiovisual, the ProTV generation".

I asked myself whether the word "jucan" exists, I looked it up on Google, the engine corrected me and it displayed the results for "juncan".

I typed "juncan" into the DEX online dictionary of the Romanian language and it returned the following: "JUNCÁN ~i m. Young, three or four years old ox".

I checked how old Valentin-Alexandru Jucan was and I found out he is thirty-four.

The PRO generation really sucks.

He can't even get the name of Aleksandras Cesnavicius right.

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  1. The so called PRO generation is proudly represented by this idiot. Jucan proves himself to be the deep no brainer used to claim step by step on politics shoulders. Of course that Jucan seems to be a lawyer and a cellist, but, of course that is easiest to obtain a high school graduation as cellist and then to enter without exams to law school. Of course that the Law school is graduated easier at home as a second qualification especially in Cluj when you are a party member. Then, with such brilliant qualifications (?) of course that the party can appoint the idiot as specialist from a ministery to another with no shame at all. The no shame woult be the second definitory characteristic of the pro generation after a poor job base qualification.Jucan has neither skills nor moral ground to take salary as specialist in CNA but of course that he has no shame to resign and live on whathever qualification would have to earn a honest living.


    Prin trimiterea opiniei ne confirmaţi că aţi citit Regulamentul de mai jos şi că vă asumaţi prevederile sale.

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