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Highways keep collapsing - this time in Germany

Highways keep collapsing - this time in Germany

Călin RecheaZiarul BURSA #English Section / 23 august

Angela Merkel inaugurated the highway in December 2005, less than a month after she became chancellor of Germany.

The highway was built on the territory of the former East Germany, connects Lubeck and the Polish border, after the junction with A11, and goes through the electoral precinct of chancellor Merkel.

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"In 1997, the Lombard interest rate rose from 50% to 674%, in one night"

English Section / 15 august

(Interview with Radu Graţian Gheţea, President - CEO of CEC Bank) 

In banking there are many risks and that is why banks need to be flexible and have as diverse an exposure as possible, which take the market circumstances at the time into account, says Radu Graţian Gheţea, President and CEO of CEC Bank. He told us, in an interview: "We have to adapt to what is happening in the market and we need to do things in such a way that the economic activity and that of the bank both function properly. If we're going with the idea that we want to eliminate every risk, then we'll just stop doing anything. For instance, we have been and we are a bank which heavily funds agriculture, which also means animal husbandry. A few years ago, our exposure to the aviculture sector was rather significant, and when the avian flu came we had to cover some non-performing loans on that segment. Now that the avian flu is done, we are facing the swine flu. What should we do, stop lending?"

Reporter: Lately, there have been opinions from some experts who are saying that there is a wave of non-performing loans of the ones taken out by the First Home Program. What is your comment on these statements?

The new laws of justice favor offenders

THE VENICE COMMISSION CLAIMS:The new laws of justice favor offenders

GEORGE MARINESCU (translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)English Section / 22 octombrie

Klaus Iohannis is asking for the resignation of Tudorel Toader as minister of Justice 

Ludovic Orban: "We are at risk of saying goodbye to Schengen, and goodbye to European funds"

On Friday, the Venice Commission passed the report concerning the amendment of the laws of justice and the criminal legislation by the PSD-ALDE majority parliamentary coalition. In its opinion, the Commission expresses its concern over the fact that many of the changes made to the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code in Romania seriously weaken the effectiveness of the criminal justice system when it comes to fighting corruption, violent crimes and organized crime.

"Banks of the future need to speak the same language as the new generations"

"Banks of the future need to speak the same language as the new generations"

Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 08 august

(Interview with Laszlo Diosi, OTP Bank CEO) 

Reporter: How would you describe the banking market, at the present time?

Laszlo Diosi: Even though there are plenty of challenges, there are also many opportunities for the Romanian banking system. The lessons of the financial-economic crisis have resulted in a better regulated framework, stable, transparent and predictable. The guiding line of the policies developed by the authorities that are qualified, but in particular by those with a regulatory and oversight role has been characterized by a balance between profitability and systemic safety.

But there is no shortage of challenges. We are talking here about challenges which concern the digitalization of the banking system and the national and international legislation. The entire system needs to align with complex and sometimes confused regulations.

Recorded by Emilia Olescu

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"The time has come to think of the renewal of our cooperation relations"


Alina Vasiescu (translated by Cosmin Ghidovean)English Section / 19 octombrie

"The prospects for the expansion of the trade relations between Romania and Russia are rather good" 

The commodities exchanges between Russia and Romania have seen a rather significant drop in 2015 and 2016, but they have increased in...

Trump accuses the Fed of insanity

Trump accuses the Fed of insanity

ALINA VASIESCU, ANDREI IACOMI (translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 12 octombrie

American president criticized the central bank for raising the interest rates 

Bloomberg: The richest people in the world have lost 99 billion dollars following the drops in the stock market

Liviu Moldovan, financial analyst: "There...

Europe is seeing the specter of the "stones of hunger"

Europe is seeing the specter of the "stones of hunger"

Călin Rechea (translated by Cosmin Ghidovean)English Section / 31 august

Călin Rechea (translated by Cosmin Ghidovean)

The particularly hot weather and the conditions of extreme draught in Europe have brought to light terrible warnings from the past.

Associated Press recently wrote that in the riverbed of the Elba in the Czech Republic have resurfaced the giant...

The transition towards autocracy

The transition towards autocracy

Cristian Pîrvulescu (translated by Cosmin Ghidovean)Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 25 iunie

Even without the court ruling rendered in first instance by the High Court of Cassation and Justice in the lawsuit of the fictitious hiring at the Child Protection Department of Teleorman the focus on getting all the institutional levers under...

Three scenarios for the suspension of the President

Three scenarios for the suspension of the President

GEORGE MARINESCUEnglish Section / 19 iunie

The Romanian Constitution:

Art. 80 - The role of the president

(1) The Romanian president represents the Romanian government and is the guarantor of national independence, unity and territorial integrity.

(2) The Romanian president must watch...

The chronology of the reunion

A.V.English Section / 12 iunie

The reunion scheduled today between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un is taking place in Singapore due to the relative neutrality and the security this city-state provides. Singapore is one of the few countries that still hosts a North-Korean embassy,...

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