BURSA 20.04.2018

George Roncea exclusively for BURSA (translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
     We, who had organized the marathon protest of the century, knew who Ion Iliescu was, as the rest of the Romanian people took a long time to catch on, even Brucan was wrong in his estimate that the much maligned "stupid people" would take two decades to "awake".
     Iliescu didn't go back to the USSR, like I had so nicely asked him to (I wrote that slogan myself), but in turn he brought in the entire cabal of USSR agents in power, from the very first moments, immediately after he killed his adoptive parents - very few people know that Ion I. Iliescu (I. as in Ilyich, a name derived from that of Lenin) was, in a way, adopted by the Ceaușescu family, from an early age, and privileged even in comparison to the very children of Ceaușescu. The Russians put Ceaușescu in power, and it was also the Russian that took him down, "removed", through their own Ilyich, now being "removed" himself and in a shameful manner -what comes next for him will much worse than being quickly shot against a wall, like he did with his adoptive family.
     It seems like a historic farce that the honorary president of the PSD, the founder and chief puppeteer of the governing party is being put on trial and will be convicted during the term of the PSD. The lawsuits will take many years, but in the end it will still be the PSD in power, that's a bet I'm willing to take, like many others I've won so far. I hope from the bottom from my heart that Ion Iliescu will also be alive when the sentences are issued, as strange as it sounds I'm praying to God to keep this demon alive, to have him live to be more than 100 years old, so he can spend a few years in jail.
     My newspaper colleagues would laugh at me years ago when I was writing reports, submitting memos and going to protests in front of the General Prosecutors' Office together with the organization of the victims of the Miners' Protests (the so-called "Mineriada"), AVMR, led by Ene Viorel, who deserves all the credit for the creation of the Dossier on the Mineriada. I have all those documents in my possession, about 2 TB of data, a few tens of thousands of pages, testimonials gathered over the course of almost 3 decades, my work, for which I dropped out of Art Secondary School, so I can become a "clerk" in charge of transcribing dossiers. Tonitza himself, the patron of the Art School I went to, would blacklist me.
     No one ever thought that Ion Iliescu would arrive in court, indicted for his crimes. I have in front of me the Report submitted by the AVMR to Traian Băsescu, in July 2008: "We are addressing you a Memo concerning the repression of June 1990 included in the "Mineriad Dossier of June 1990", we are presenting you the history of this case, in order to support the efforts to uncover the truth and to punish those responsible, in the interest of justice, truth, the Law and of the victims."
     Obviously, "the punishment of those responsible in the name of the Law" didn't happen then, even though Traian Băsescu puffed his chest that he would fight to get Ion Iliescu, just like Emil Constantinescu, who was voted in office to do exactly that. It took another ten years for that.
     Nowadays, anybody who looks at the charges of the Prosecutors' Office against Ion Iliescu and his gang of criminals will find in there - almost down to the last word - the content of the document submitted by the AVMR to the presidency, a huge report drawn up by three people, a former prosecutor, of the few decent ones I've met in my life, who I am not allowed to name, another - a current (yet) journalist of BURSA, and Ene Viorel, (still) alive and active, even though a quarter of his skull was crushed with a metal bar by the miners that Ion Iliescu summoned over to Bucharest.
     "Our association is the only one which has been legally created which has among the objectives established through its statute, since its creation (1996), the identification of the aggressors, the identification of the victims, the punishing of the guilty, the payment of moral and material damages to the victims of the miners' raids. Only people who can prove with documents that they have suffered at the hands of the miners can be members of our association (thus avoiding the circus of the fake "revolutionaries").
     This key dossier of the Romanian justice court has been postponed, covered up and lied about for over a decade. Through this memo addressed to the highest level of the Romanian state we are trying to make our contribution in order to untangle the threads of this controversial episode of the Romanian judicial history.
     The situation of this dossier, the scheming, the pressures and the maneuvers conducted by top members of the Romanian government, directly involved, blemishes Romania's credibility as a state ruled by the law."
     The shameful blemish remained on the country's image for another decade, until this year two hugely significant events happened - Ion Iliescu and part of his gang have been successively indicted in two key cases of Romania's history. The second indictment occurred recently, for the case of the Revolution.
     Coincidentally, let's say, makes it that BURSA, a publication founded by a promoter of the prophets of the Old Testament, would publish about a year ago, with prophetic undertones, an article about the "Revolution" - called "OVER A QUARTER OF A CENTURY OF LIES - The truth about the terrorists", a material which is now part of what are now the future charges of the Dossier of the Revolution, a dossier in which Ion Iliescu has recently been indicted yet again, on charges of grave murder.
     The article in BURSA wiped the floor with the prosecutors of the General Prosecutors' Office - I quote: " I can produce evidence that the Prosecutors' Office is shamelessly lying, which is nothing new, that's what military prosecutors do, like I've been saying, and they've been lying for over 27 years. The persistence and consistency are usually qualities worthy of appreciation are usually praiseworthy qualities. In the case of military prosecutors we are talking about persistence when it comes to lying, the persistence of disinformation and misleading, for the obvious purpose of protecting the guilty and covering up the facts.
     Facts on which there are entire tomes of evidence."
     I wrote at the time that "The General Prosecutors' Office is lying and that the military prosecutors have buried the truth about what happened in December 1989 - as a direct witness, "civilian George Roncea" can confirm today that at a top level the military prosecutors have either been led - for more than two decades - by congenital morons, or by diversionist morons, and their actions were intended to legitimize the new political power helmed by Ion Iliescu and the "laundering" of the Army, the structure which actually took over power after 1989, through the undercover operatives of the GRU."
     There was a mountain of evidence and a huge volume of technical data, which emphasized complicity from some "well known" military prosecutors, such as Dan Voinea, with the KGB agency, which took over Romania via Ion Iliescu and Nicolae Militaru, a general of the GRU, an institution which ten times more devious than the KGB.
     The combined agencies - through Dan Voinea, they have hidden the two key major legal Romanian cases - the Revolution and the "Mineriada". Their "work" has been very vast, it has also included operatives and "civil society agents- such as the Group for Social Dialogue (GDS) and related organizations, as well as political and mass media elements, and from here we have a never ending list, from Adrian Sîrbu, who is now being indicted as well, as well as many others, who are still free, for now, from CTP to Cristoiu.
     One intelligent commenter on the BURSA website wrote at the time: "Well done, BURSA...it's a shame that this testimony won't change anything, given what Iliescu's people are doing, there's not a chance in hell we will ever see the truth come out or find out the names of the terrorists. It's them who have been in power for so many years..."
     That commenter was wrong, sometimes intelligence is not enough to make predictions.
     Two weeks ago, immediately after I came out of the hospital, with basically only one functional hand, at least when it came to using it for writing, I was asked by three prosecutors to come over to the Military Prosecutors' Office once again, for the umpteenth time, to repeat my older testimonies and this time, I was filmed professionally with a high quality camera, and since I was unable to write properly, I dictated everything I had written in BURSA one year ago.
     Then came about 11 hours of statements, almost as long the surgery of reimplanting the fingers, by some very young surgeons who had barely been born in 1989 and 1990, to whom I told during the 13 hours of surgery about everything that has happened in Romania since their birth - I literally felt the need to talk, and I had to do something to compensate for the lack of anesthetics. The prosecutors were also young, but they had more information, as they had read about 80,000 pages from the Dossier of the Revolution and about 40,000 of the Case of the "Mineriada".
     1700 parties harmed in the Mineriadă and about 4000 in the Revolution.
     Then there is also the witnesses and the defendants. More than 100,000 pages, now that's light reading. I have all of that available, and BURSA had the rare privilege of becoming more than a newspaper, an ephemeral event, but instead a milestone of a momentous judicial approach, because the articles published on this issue have been taken under consideration as public notifications in the interest of Justice - and here we have the Judicial system nevertheless doing its job, after the same newspaper criticized them, acting as a public warning system in the interest of justice.
     Romania is a very special country globally, in terms of the enforcement of the Law. We are the only country on the planet - and I am referring to the past, not just the present, where top leaders of the country are defendants, from the president to the prime-minister, and chiefs of the secret services and of the army.
     Ion Iliescu is actually under indictment in two cases, on very serious charges, and the punishments for these charges, if they were combined, would amount to about 70 years in prison.
     "Romania's jinx", this is what the former president of the political detainees, Ticu Dumitrescu, called former president Ion Iliescu. Ticu Dumitrescu didn't live to see the wicked Iliescu, who had an unholy influence on the post-revolutionary generations, be indicted. There are entire chapters in Law treatises and the criminal science manuals about criminals' psychology.
     Ion Iliescu would be worthy of having his own treatise.
     Here is what he writes in his latest visceral outburst, in which he vituperates against the judicial system: "One can't just base a criminal prosecution on the vision of some or others about events which those people already had no way of having a correct image of" - for instance, people like me, a journalist at BURSA.
     And Ion Iliescu also writes the following in the Dossier: "I have decided to end the silence I have imposed upon myself when it comes to the actions of the judicial system in the two cases generically called "The Revolution" and "Mineriada", out of the obligation to clarify a few things. The first observation concerns the end goal of these cases, which has nothing to do with uncovering the truth about those events. How can anyone say that this is the main goal of this show "for justice", when, in the events of June 13th-15th 1990, not one person has been put on trial, or at the very least investigated, of those who organized the violent actions of June 13th, who attacked the central headquarters of the Police of Bucharest, the headquarters of the SRI, of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who have spread rumors that have caused violence, have attacked and set on fir the building of the Romanian Television and have wounded the people who were defending the TV studios from the unleashed fury of a bunch of individuals who were just as faceless and nameless as the terrorists who attacked the former headquarters of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Romania at the very moment when the Council of the FSN (ed. not: National Rescue Front) was drafting the Communique to the Country?"
     The nerve of this criminal who has blood on his hands is unbelievable. So, the more than 3,000 people who were butchered, the over 1,700 people who were imprisoned in the Camp of the Political Police (Securitate) of Măgurele and their building of Băneasa, the ones who were illegally detained, without any warrant and tortured - basically don't exist according to Ion Iliescu. To this day he still claims that "nobody was investigated" even though the "investigating" would back then take place at Măgurele, where the distinguished prosecutor Monica Macovei, an inspector specifically designated by the Chief Prosecutor, found nothing wrong - but the miners' bats and metal pipes were the arguments in that "pseudo" investigation.
     These characters from the KGB era had absolute protection until recently.
     Ion Iliescu, through the "historian" of Russian origin, Constantin Corneanu, who he appointed at the embarrassing "Institute" of the revolution, funded by the Romanian government, is mentioned as the "leader of the Romanian revolution". I think leader is a good fit, as a word, but it would be fair for the Russians to finally take responsibility and to clearly state things: "Ion Ilici Iliescu was the murderous leader of the Russian revolution in Romania".
     Those young prosecutors who I recently talked to, while I had my hand in bandages, wrote as follows: "Ion Iliescu has accepted and took official military measures, of which some had an obvious diversionist nature", - in a press release sent by the General Prosecutors' Office, in which it is stated that the criminal prosecution will be expanded in scope and will continue on charges of crimes against humanity against the former president - as this concerns actions taken between December 27th - December 31st, 1989, for which there is no need for prior authorization."
     I will once again quote last year's article in BURSA: "I have found that the "terrorists" had the possibility to shoot at the balcony of the Central Committee building. Since they didn't, it logically follows that someone among the people who were on that balcony had to be protected. The "actors" of the Revolution, the ones who were on the balcony of the Central Committee building, the people grouped around Ion Iliescu weren't even touched, even though the angles and the positions of the shooters would have allowed them to easily kill them."
     I will (also) quote the press release of the Parliament: "As an initiator and coordinator of the sole department of management (a political-military entity) and then, as president of the CFSN (which took control of the Upper Military Council), Iliescu Ion accepted and made official measures of a military nature, of which some had an obvious diversionist nature. By exercising full authority, Iliescu Ion could have intervened to stop the diversionist phenomenon, but took no action to do so."
     In short, and clearly put - the head of the Securitate-KGB terrorists was Ion Iliescu. I personally shot two of them, near the Central Committee Building, where the major plots were being devised. Their mission, of those I shot in the evening, was the protection of Iliescu's gang and "propelling" him, using blood and corpses. They have succeeded. Romania fell into their grasp, after that key episode.
     The thing at I actually find funny is that, those young prosecutors informed me that I was the last witness alive of the "contact" with the "terrorists" and they asked me whether I wanted to join the "witness protection program", like something out of an American movie. I could already see myself hiding in the basement of a villa in the Dămăroaia neighborhood, stuffing my face non-stop, until Ilici was brought before the court. I asked him whether they had Oximed, a scar healing spray, they didn't, and had BURSA not had my back I would have only been left with one hand available for writing, it's lucky that the owner, Make, called me in today and had me write with what's left of my fingers, as for the "witness protection", I turned it down politely, as I was of the opinion that the notions of journalism and that of protection don't mix, quite the opposite.
     It's only from now, information that has been hidden for over two decades, about the KGB-GRU agents, will come out, let's see who will have the necessary discernment to understand what has been done to us and what will follow.
     It is a particular privilege to be able to talk about all this, and about what else will follow.
     Real history begins now. 

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