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MAKE (translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
mărește imaginea
     The female prime-minister seems like a victory against sexism. The emancipation of our women seems to find its expression in the appointment of Viorica Vasilica Dăncilă as head of the Executive.
     The feminist issue unexpectedly arose in the path of PSD-ALDE, copying down to the tiniest details the dilemmas of Jean-Claude Juncker in July 2014, when, being appointed as the head of the European Commission, he postponed its creation, because he only found nine women for commissioner positions, and he wanted ten, in order to achieve progress in promoting women, compared to the previous commission, led by Jose Manuel Barroso.
     One from each member country of the European Union, the Commission has 28 commissioners.
     The PSD-ALDE government has 28 ministers.
     Nine women in the European Commission in 2014.
     Nine women in the third edition of the PSD-ALDE governments, 2018.
     From this point of view, our government seems fit for leading Europe.
     Which isn't just mockery, because for instance, Jean-Claude Juncker wasn't too concerned with the competence of his commissioners, it was their gender he was concerned with.
     Even though it isn't necessary, if we add the fact that he is inconsistent when it comes to his schedule of wandering around drunk in the maze of the corridors of Brussels, if we add his glee in slapping the heads of governments taking the pilgrimage to the empire's capital to shake his hand (Viktor Orban had good reflexes and dodged the slap, which Juncker, no matter how drunk he may have been, apparently foresaw would happen, because he called him the "dictator" - "Here comes the dictator!") and if we add on top of that, the stupidity in managing the European crises of all kinds, starting with Greece's default, going through the immigrants dislodged by NATO from their home countries, going through the terrorists trained by Hillary Clinton and with the financial-banking legislation that sounds like it was written by gangsters, going through the measures to accelerate the sovereign debt crisis and chase the major corporations beyond the European jurisdictions, to get to the outcome of the pauperization of Europe's citizens, even though Europe is continuously plundering those outside its borders through the "quantitative easing program" plagiarized after America's shameful easing program (because it doesn't matter if you're drunk if you do your job well - the Micula brothers never made a mistake in any of their European drinks contracts, unless they meant to), well, even though this phrase is very long, it could become even longer, in fact I could even turn it, not into a series or a book, but I could actually stuff an entire library with sophisticated inanities served up with a bowtie and whiskey, and present them as solutions to the world's problems, and thus I have to end it and I will end it as follows: if we pile up all of the above, then we realize that yes, European MP Viorica Vasilica Dăncilă, pulled up by her ears like a rabbit from the magician's hat, to serve as PM, "could at any time lead Europe itself, not just Romania" (well, that's what people claim Mikhail Gorbatchev said about Ion Iliescu, but Ion Iliescu is "the Guru of the entire PSD" and implicitly of Dragnea, even though Dragnea came in from the Democrat Party (PD), but in 18 years of PSD existence he has become a smaller guru himself, that Gabriela Vrânceanu Firea has to bow to).
     Truly, the previous phrase represents a stylistic mistake, but its length was unavoidable, because if I had cut it into standalone sentences, then people would have thought that I was going for several ideas, when in fact I only had one idea, just like Liviu Dragnea.
     So, what is that idea?
     The idea is that the thing that would be worse than having Viorica Vasilica Dăncilă as prime-minister of Romania, would be Jean-Claude Juncker, whose drunken creativity could confuse the electorate of the PSD, accustomed to the obsessive idea of Liviu Dragnea of saving himself, his people and the other people likely to be indicted by changing the laws of the judicial system.
     I think that Jean-Claude Juncker gets drunk daily because he is a principled man and he is disgusted by what he does; if that were the case, if he were Romania's prime-minister, in order to serve Dragnea, Juncker would just get delirium tremens, the police would take away his driver's license because the driver would be drunk on the alcoholic vapors emanating from him, and smoking would be prohibited around Juncker due to the fire hazard.
     Liviu Dragnea said "he had bad luck" when it came to picking prime-minister; I want to assure him that it is not a matter of bad luck.
     It's the concept that is lousy.
     Dragnea only knows one form of control - ownership through bearer shares, and so he has extrapolated his knowledge obtained in running Tel Drum S.A. to governing and he wants to rule Romania, by pulling the prime-minister's strings from behind the curtains, so that the successes would go to the PSD, in other words to himself, and the failures would go to the monkey he has handpicked to be his servant in charge of the government.
     This is not an allusion to the reprehensible statement by the abominable Cristian Tudor Popescu, who compared Viorica Vasilica Dăncilă to a monkey, but an allusion to the notorious statement by Ioana Maria Vlas, who, when she went to jail, said "I was the monkey of Sorin Ovidiu Vîntu", (with Sorin Ovidiu Vîntu being the true professor of how to work with bearer shares, from whom Liviu Nicolae Dragnea still has lessons to learn).
     At any rate, the lesson that Liviu Dragnea has learned from SOV Invest is that it is the prime-minister, not the owner of the PSD that should go to jail.
     Why do I say that Dragnea has a lousy concept?
     It's not because I am guided by clean intentions, like "hashtag rezist" and Soros, who, since the financial crisis, has turned his focus on China and non-ferrous metals in the Balkans.
     It's just that Dragnea is incapable of realizing that the monkey profile that he uses to pick his prime-ministers can't serve his own interests: he is looking for trained monkeys, well, at any rate, in Romanian politics it is hard to find someone who has not been trained through the so-called "party discipline", along the principle "don't bite the hand that hands you the banana".
     The problem isn't that monkeys are hard to come by in the zoo of politics.
     The problem is that Dragnea needs his monkey, his and his alone.
     So it needs to be obedient and dedicated, but the dedication derives from obedience.
     That is the issue - an obedient person is docile, submissive, and because of that, it is enough to meet a boss that is higher placed and more powerful than Dragnea, to immediately change their tune and their dedication, in favor of that more powerful boss.
     The day they take office, Dragnea's monkey gets the visit of the SRI:
     "Here are your orders!"
     "Yes, understood!"
     Grindeanu, Tudose.
     "Yes, understood!"
     There was no betrayal, they were both consistent in their docility, it's just that Dragnea isn't the most powerful boss of all and that is why he is always talking about the "parallel state", even though the SRI is a structure of the state and the only thing that is parallel is the relationship between Dragnea and his "bearer" prime-ministers.
     It follows that Dragnea should, on the contrary look for people with principles, personality and character for the position of prime-minister, but,...ha!, ha!,...you guessed it, that would go against what Dragnea wants the prime-minister to do ...
     If the Parliament validates Viorica Vasilica Dăncilă today, together with the Cabinet (I can't really say it's "Her Cabinet", because I doubt it's hers, I think that, just like me, she'd never heard of some of the ministers until today), then, one second later she'll be saying: "Yes, understood!"
     And just like that, Dragnea is going to lose Dăncilă too.
     As for the female emancipation movement, I have many thoughts on the matter, such as, for instance, that it is stupid, as a woman, to ask for equal status with the inferior being called "a man", who doesn't give birth, but it is true that among women there are plenty who don't realize their superiority and don't respect themselves.
     But even disregarding my conviction that the feminist movement is misguided, the appointment of Viorica Vasilica Dăncilă is more of a defeat than a victory, because it is disgraceful to be elevated to a position similar to that of Ioana Maria Vlas.
     I am going to have to apologize to Ioana Maria Vlas, she has served her sentence. 

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