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Farmaceutica Aesculap Aims for 25% Turnover Increase To 77.3 Mio RON

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Farmaceutica Aesculap - Targu Mures, a pharmaceuticals distributor, reported sales of 60,935,688 RON for last year, up by 141% y/y. The company generated 44.73% of the sales through the warehouse and 55.27% through the proprietary network of 33 pharmacies and 7 outlets in Mures County and Harghita County.

Stocks increased both in the warehouse and in the pharmacies as a result of an increase in the price of medicines and an increase in sales. Thus, warehouse stocks equal 124.19% of their value at the end of 2006, whereas stocks in pharmacies are equal to 146.76% of their value on the refence date.

Overall revenues increased from 51.3 million RON in 2006 to 72.4 million RON in 2007, while the net profit increased from 533,501 RON in 2006 to 706,885 RON in 2007. The Board has proposed that all the profit be reinvested in development.

Investments made and commissioned in 2007 amount to 1,745,860 RON. Most of them were related to commercial space development (pharmacies and the warehouse), IT equipment and a transportation fleet.

Plans for this year include a turnover of 77,302,040 RON, up by 25% from 2007, and a net profit of 934,797 RON, up by 32% y/y. The investment budget is 2,050,600 RON, including pharmacy modernization (1,308,000 RON) and warehouse and office building modernization (608,000 RON).

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