"Nobody at the BSE" Sobolewski resigned from the BSE

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"Nobody at the BSE" Sobolewski resigned from the BSE

Ludwik Sobolewski handed in his resignation.


Friday, the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) posted on its website the text of a "Current report":

"The Bucharest Stock Exchange is announcing that on October 27th, 2017, Mr. Ludwik Sobolewski has notified the company about his resignation from the position of CEO of the company".

I would have said it was a joke, had the announcement not been posted on the website of a company listed on the BSE, self-listed actually.

Let's see.

For two months now, the BSE has been provisionally led by Alin Barbu, because the position of CEO is vacant.

But the BSE is announcing us that Sobolewski has resigned from a vacant position.

On the morning of August 21st, when the BSE had become free of its contract with Sobolewski - who not only wasn't the CEO of the BSE, but wasn't even a guard or a janitor at the BSE -, so, being a "nobody at the BSE", Sobolewski posted on the BSE website that his contract may have ended, but not his mandate. Since then, his name hasn't simply been "Ludwik Sobolewski", but Ludwik "My contract has ended, but not my mandate" Sobolewski.

The BSE president Lucian Anghel had agreed to this moronic statement posted by Sobolewski.

The Senior PR Specialist of the BSE Florin CePraga (should have been called Florin CeWarsaw) started lying to the press that the mandate is different than the contract, so that Sobolewski can continue their mandate, even though his contract has expired.

On the same night, the same "nobody at the BSE" Sobolewski issued another "official" BSE press release (please note the quotes around "official", because officially he was no longer anybody at the BSE) that he "himself" has decided not to carry out his mandate, (mandate which had expired, regardless of the nonsense spouted by him, Anghel and CeWarsaw).

But "himself" doesn't end here, but instead it keeps going: Lucian Anghel "himself" placed Ludwik Sobolewski on the list of candidates for a new term of the BSE.

A situation has been created, Sobolewski has become a candidate for a position which, from his stupid point of view, he held and had never lost, it's just that he had not exercised because he chose not to.

I mean, how can you apply for the position you still hold?!

Now we find out that on Friday, Sobolewski has resigned from the BSE.

I don't understand why the BSE posted this.

Sobolewski only resigned in his own mind.

He can't resign from a position which in actuality he has not held for two months.

Why did the BSE post this lunacy?!

Maybe tomorrow, Sobolewski will change his mind and fires Lucian Anghel, through another letter to the BSE - will the BSE publish in on site?!

That would be crazy!

I mean look, Liviu Dragnea, Mihai Tudose, Klaus Iohannis are standing in line...

Good god!

Ludwik Sobolewski is the Angel of Justice!


Honestly, Sobolewski's departure, I've lost one of my favorite topics.

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