The study "The Roman Empire subjugates the Kingdom of God"

English Section / 8 aprilie 2023

The study "The Roman Empire subjugates the Kingdom of God"

The newspaper BURSA dedicates a study titled "The Roman Empire subjugates the Kingdom of God" to the holidays between Palm Sunday and the third day of Easter (April 9-18, 2023). The study, which is divided into ten installments, is published daily. Conducted by MAKE, it focuses on the phenomenon of emancipation from God, which emerged simultaneously in Judaism and Christianity at the beginning of the first millennium AD, reshaping society and economy in the Mediterranean basin and later in Europe and the rest of Christendom, with reverberations to this day throughout the world. If you missed an episode, you can find it in the links at the bottom of the episodes. BURSA wishes you peace, health, happy holidays, and a serene Easter!

Reader's Opinion ( 1 )

  1. What on Earth are you talking about!?! Without the Roman Empire there would be no Christianity. Emperors, and later kings, promoted Christianity because it offered the perfect reason to enslave people. One God, one emperor as His anointed messenger and the rest mere mortals that have to obey both.

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