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Romania and Georgia offer Europe a geoeconomic and cultural bridge to the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea

Romania and Georgia offer Europe a geoeconomic and cultural bridge to the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea

Recorded by VICTOR RONCEA (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)English Section / 03 martie

Georgia, the "land of wolves" or that of Saint George, officially pledged to the Virgin Mary, with a multi-millennial culture and with an alphabet and language unique in the world, with anti-communist saints, such as Metropolitan Nazar, killed by the Bolsheviks, or Holy Gabriel the Georgian, canonized in 2012, is a small but brave state, which did not hesitate to fight the Russian Moloch, when attacked. In 2019, Georgia and Romania celebrated 300 years of cultural and diplomatic relations, founded by the friendship of two holy scholars: Antim Ivireanu and Constantin Brâncoveanu, both martyred by the Turks. With mountains taller than the Mont Blanc, in the Caucasus Mountains where Greek legends say that Prometheus was bound in chains, Georgia is literally at the geographical and historic crossroads between Europe and Asia. Romania, aside from the cultural and religious links with the old Iveria, is a neighbor to the Georgian state via the Black Sea. His Excellency Nikoloz Nikolozishvili, Georgia's Ambassador to Romania is now going to tell us what that can mean for the two states that once had direct common routes. A philologist, journalist and historian, educated in the history of art and theology, the Georgian diplomat has served as ambassador to Armenia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Poland. Well versed in the shared history of our two countries, the Georgian ambassador aims to restore the bilateral economic ties, for the benefit of our countries and of Europe, on the energy and geopolitical coordinates of the three seas: the Caspian, Black and Adriatic.

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Zentiva - ready to leave the stock exchange

Zentiva - ready to leave the stock exchange

Andrei Iacomi ((TRANSLATED BY COSMIN GHIDOVEANU)English Section / 03 februarie

Brokers: "The capital increase operated by the company was done so that the majority shareholder would exceed the holding cap of 95%, which would allow them to take the company private" 

Zentiva SA (SCD), the former Sicomed, is about to...

BREXIT: Adios muchachos!

BREXIT: Adios muchachos!

Adelina Toader, Vlad Dobrea (Translated by Cosmin Ghiodveanu)English Section / 31 ianuarie

A historic moment for the European Union, which starting with February 1st, will lose an important member of its community! After 47 years in the European Union and three years of negotiations and disagreements which turned into a political...

"Getting listed has helped us grow and become stronger"

"Getting listed has helped us grow and become stronger"

Recorded by EMILIA OLESCU (TRANSLATED BY COSMIN GHIDOVEANU)English Section / 14 ianuarie

(Interview with Alexandru Stânean, general manager of TeraPlast) 

TeraPlast is aiming for a turnover of 208 million euros in 2019

"We have made it a goal for us to have sustained growth"

Last year, the company's exports...

2020 - a special strategic thinking effort

2020 - a special strategic thinking effort

Theodor Stolojan (TRANSLATED BY COSMIN GHIDOVEANU)English Section / 08 ianuarie


The year 2020 will be marked by three events with a major impact on Romania's development: The European Union will adopt the new 2021-2027 financial perspective and we expect our country to be allocated a volume of European funds at least as...

Optimistic budget for 2020

Optimistic budget for 2020

EMILIA OLESCU (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)English Section / 20 decembrie 2019

Economic growth of 4.1%, budget deficit of 3.59%, average inflation rate of 3.1% - these are the main macro-economic indicators that the budget for next year was built around, according to the Report on the macroeconomic situation for the year...

17% rise for Biofarm shares

IN THE LAST NEAR TWO YEARS17% rise for Biofarm shares

Andrei Iacomi (TRANSLATED BY COSMIN GHIDOVEANU)English Section / 08 decembrie 2019

Biofarm (BIO) shares have seen a rather tepid evolution over the last nearly two years. The Bucharest-based drug maker saw a rise of 16.78%, from the beginning of last year until the 4th of December 2019, below that of major companies listed on...

The logging industry, a cross-section

The logging industry, a cross-section


Denied, minimized, covered-up, the looting of the domestic forests comes to light in all its hideousness. What the media and regular folks have reported / found is now confirmed at the highest level. The accusations are serious, and the fact that...

The judicial system, Orban's pain in the neck

The judicial system, Orban's pain in the neck

GEORGE MARINESCU (translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu ) )English Section / 04 decembrie 2019

The judicial system seems to be again in the spotlight, these days have been marked by a series of actions in the field, with an impact both on the activity of the magistrates and on the political scene.

Ilustraţie de MAKE

A mandate for reform

Cristian Pîrvulescu translated by Cosmin GhidoveanuEnglish Section / 25 noiembrie 2019

At the time I wrote these lines, five hours before the polls closed, Klaus Iohannis had a clear victory. No surprise! All indicators, throughout the day, anticipated a difference of at least 20% between Klaus Iohannis and his counter-candidate:...

Lies at the last minute of the presidential campaign

Lies at the last minute of the presidential campaign

George Marinescu (TRANSLATED BY COSMIN GHIDOVEANU)English Section / 25 noiembrie 2019

The writhing of the candidate without theoretical odds 

The election campaign for the second round of the presidential elections did not offer anything to the citizens who are called to the polls on Sunday, November 24, to determine who will...

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