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Wall Street,s $22 Trillion time bomb

Ian DeaconZiarul BURSA #English Section / 29 noiembrie 2021

Ian Deacon

The following article may well appear to be a continuation of the climate agenda ,it is not is is about the future of investing . The clock is ticking for banks, insurers and asset managers still providing support to oil, gas and coal producers . Not just because they are polluting the planet but it is ticking because their financial health is at risk. Financial institutions in the group of 20 leading industrial and developing nations have $22 trillion exposure to carbon-intensive industries.

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Green billionaires

Ian DeaconEnglish Section / 22 noiembrie 2021

Ian Deacon

Since John D. Rockerfeller bought his fist oil business in 1863 energy has always been the industry in which to make huge fortunes. The green economy will be no different .

Climate change

Ian DeaconEnglish Section / 12 noiembrie 2021

Ian Deacon

Cap and trade 

What is this and could it save capitalism in this feverish atmosphere of climate change.

Sustainable Investing - the revolution begins

Ian DeaconEnglish Section / 10 noiembrie 2021

Ian Deacon

Green Bonds 

The first ever green bond, designed specifically to raise money for environmental projects was issued in 2007 by the E.U.'S European Investment Bank [ E.I.B.]. This market is now valued at nearly £1.1 trillion .

A world within a blouse

A world within a blouse

DAN NICOLAIE (Translated by Cosmin GhidoveanuEnglish Section / 25 iunie 2021

DAN NICOLAIE (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu

By celebrating the "ie" (the Romanian blouse), Romanians celebrate themselves and their traditions. Few are the things that so consistently say a story about this people like this blouse does, with its black, white and other colors it...

How good is the capitalization of the Romanian banking system?

How good is the capitalization of the Romanian banking system?

CĂLIN RECHEA (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)English Section / 24 iunie 2021

CĂLIN RECHEA (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)

The representatives of the banking sector claim that the system has a particularly good capitalization and a good liquidity, and that at the end of 2020 the banking system was stable, with a solvency of more than 25% and much improved liquidity

Hydrogen - usage hyposthases in the new technological era

Hydrogen - usage hyposthases in the new technological era

Emilian M. Dobrescu (TRANSLATED BY COSMIN GHIDOVEANU)English Section / 31 mai 2021

Hydrogen is the revolution of the future in the energy sector, and Romania needs to make the most of the opportunities made available by the European Union's funding plans and instruments in this respect, a growing number of experts in the...

The pandemic has briefly pulled the brakes on migration

The pandemic has briefly pulled the brakes on migration

OCTAVIAN DAN (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)English Section / 4 mai 2021

The lockdown has messed up people's lives all over the world. This has overlapped with other, smaller crises. It has influenced several areas of business and has also had a positive influence on migration. In mid 2020, the migration rate had...

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