"Triumph of Man" and "Improvement Suppresses the Ideal"

English Section / 9 - 17 august

"Triumph of Man" and "Improvement Suppresses the Ideal"

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BURSA has published a series of essays on biblical themes during the Christian holidays of recent years and continues this tradition for the Feast of the Assumption, with a text titled "Triumph of Man" and another called "Improvement Suppresses the Ideal."

The two texts are autonomous, understandable without referring to each other, and also not in relation to the exegetical texts published earlier.

However, they are part of a set of concerns, so some connections can be discerned.

For example, "Triumph of Man" can be considered as concluding the theme of man's emancipation in his relationship with God, from where it left off "Why the Law?", published by BURSA on April 18, 2023.

And "Improvement Suppresses the Ideal" begins the process of conceptual reconstruction of the "Kingdom of God", which was the goal pursued by the entire series of essays, published starting last year.

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