Darius Vâlcov digs up the IPO of Digi Communications

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Darius Vâlcov digs up the IPO of Digi Communications

The capital market was marked, last week, by a number of controversial statements tied to the listing of Digi Communications, starting from the statements made recently by Darius Vâlcov, state advisor on the team of the prime-minister, who wrote on his Facebook page that he has asked the Financial Oversight Authority (ASF) if it was true that the book value of the Digi shares was 1 leu and 8 bani, and pointed out that at the time of the IPO, the shares of Digi were listed at 40 lei and are currently priced at 28 lei (30% down) and keep going down.

Vâlcov then asked the ASF if it was true that over 3 million Romanians own Digi shares, through the pension funds (2nd pillar) and that a large portion of the money earned from the sale of stock in the IPO by Digi went to the accounts of an offshore firm from Cyprus.

Another question which the advisor addresses to the Financial Oversight Authority concerns the accuracy of the information that Digi owes 1.3 billion Euros in debt, way more than the value of its assets. "Were pension funds allowed to acquire shares in a company that was under criminal investigation?", Vâlcov further asks.

The BURSA newspaper wrote, last year, at the time of the announcement for the listing of Digi Communications, about the doubts that arose around the entire procedure.

Among other things, they concerned both uncertainties around the company's financial results, as well as some criminal aspects which concerned the management of the company.

At the time we pointed out that first of all, the name of the seller - Digi Communications N.V. - only appeared in the title of the announcement, whereas in the remainder of it was simply called "DIGI".

Still, throughout the announcement, the key aspects presented about "DIGI" seemed to refer to "RCS&RDS".

The announcement did not include any direct reference to "RCS&RDS", but instead presented a statement by Serghei Bulgac, CEO of RCS & RDS SA, the biggest operating company within the group and future CEO of DIGI.

The representatives of "RCS&RDS" told BURSA, at the time, that Digi Communications NV was the parent company of the group and clarified that "Cable Communications Systems", the parent company of "RCS&RDS", would become Digi Communications NV.

According to the Office of the Trade Registry, "Cable Communications Systems" owned 95.79% of "RCS&RDS" at the time.

Also, the announcement for the listing of the company was saying, at the time that DIGI had constantly generated powerful cash flows and a solid adjusted EBITDA since 2014 and up to that moment (April 2017): "In 2016, DIGI generated revenues of 842.8 million Euros, and the adjusted EBITDA and the adjusted EBITDA margin have reached 263.3 million Euros and 31.2%, respectively, representing a compound annual growth rate of 8%, since 2014 and until 2016". The representatives of the company did not want, at the time, to explain what "adjusted EBITDA" meant, nor whether they had already submitted the request for approval of the prospectus to the Financial Oversight Authority in Holland. The fact that a company which was going to go public and which was expected to be willing to act transparently declined to answer some simple questions, based on its own press release, raised suspicions, especially since the uncertainties concerned a mere definition. Behind the pompous phrases, there was no clear economy information, based on which investors could make a decision to participate in the offer, like people in the market were saying back then.

Furthermore, in the press release which announced that it wanted to get listed, the company did not recommend to investors to rely on the data it itself presented: "The contents of this press release was drafted by DIGI at its own responsibility. The information included in this press release only have a general purpose and do not claim to be integral or complete. No person, for any purpose, may rely on the information included in this communication, or on its accuracy, impartiality or exhaustiveness".

The DIGI announcement also stated that investors should not buy any mentioned security, with the exception of the case where it is done based on information contained in the prospectus, which was going to be published after its approval.

The listing of DIGI Communications, the majority shareholder of RCS&RD also received a harsh blow from the National Anti-Corruption Department (DNA), which not only started a criminal investigation against RCS&RDS and two administrators, during the IPO, but also announced that Serghei Bulgac, CEO of DIGI and RCS&RDS, was a suspect, on the day of the listing on the Stock Exchange.

The company only announced that one day after the company began its listing on the stock market.

Many voices in the market were saying at the time, that it was impossible that those announcements by the DNA were simple coincidences, as the acts in the investigation were a few years old.

At any rate, the management of the BSE showed, at the time, a degree of casualness concerning the matter that was hard to understand.

Reactions following the statements of Darius Vâlcov

Following the statements made last week by Darius Vâlcov concerning the alleged irregularities in the Digi IPO, the ASF announced that it began an investigation of all the aspects resulting from the information which was published concerning the investments of the Romanian private pension funds (2nd pillar) in DIGI Communications stock.

The ASF stated the following: "In the case of the listing on the Bucharest Stock Exchange of Digi Communications N.V., the prospectus was approved by the Dutch authority, as the Romanian Financial Oversight Authority was only notified about this approach. The prospectus, which was made public in favor of the listing, makes available to investors all the relevant information about the situation of the company and even mentions the associated risks, such as risks concerning the activity and industry in which the company operates, risks concerning legal aspects, regulation and litigation, risks concerning the investments in countries where the company operates, risks pertaining to the financial position and risks concerning the IPO and shares".

The Financial Oversight Authority has also stated that, following the conducted studies, the Authority finds violations of the legislation which governs the activity of the overseen entities, will take the necessary measures, according to the law, or will notify the competent institutions, as the case may be.

In turn, the Association of Brokers has reacted following these statements, asking for more caution when it comes to the public statements concerning listed companies and signals the potential influence which these statements could have on the stock price of those companies, which could lead to negative effects when it comes to investor p[rotection and the good functioning of the market.

The Association of Brokers reported the following, in a press release: "As we have found, with increasing concern, that lately, public statements concerning the companies listed on the stock exchange, made by representatives of the Government, the Association of Brokers on the capital market reports the possible influence which these statements could have on the price of those companies' stocks, which could lead to negative effects when it comes to investor protection and the good functioning of the market".

The Association of Brokers reminds that, in line with the regulations of the stock market, the broadcasting of information through mass-media, including through the internet or any other means, which sends or can send false or misleading signals over the price of a financial instrument, including the spreading of rumors, in the context in which the person which has provided the information knew or should have known that the information was false or misleading, can be considered market manipulation.

The Digi-RCS & RDS group announced in a press release that it rejects any calumnious statements repeatedly expressed "by this Romanian politician and we find that we have become the target of a true defamation campaign".

Digi said: "The politician throws around a series of statements which mislead and betray either a total ignorance of the stock market sector, or a strategy to manipulate information to create confusion and mistrust in one investment segment".

Moreover, Digi finds it inappropriate to say the least, that a politician which associates with the Romanian government to attack one of the biggest local companies, which is among the top Romanian companies. "This kind of statements do nothing but reduce the level of investor confidence in Romania's ability to provide an auspicious climate for the development of durable businesses, that would sustain the economy of the country and of the region", the Digi Group further states.

The company also clarifies that Digi-RCS & RDS have made public, in a transparent and complete manner, all the necessary information for any investor to decide on whether or not to buy shares in Digi in full awareness, and all the market press releases issued by the market before, during and after the listing process, are available on the website of the company.

The press release also informs: "When the listing of Digi-RCS & RDS shares on a public market was decided, because we wanted to contribute to the development of the Romanian market, we have chosen the Bucharest Stock Exchange. So, in May 2017, we have completed a lengthy listing process, whereby everyone was given the chance to buy shares in Digi-RCS & RDS for investment purposes (both individuals and specialized funds), without any financial benefit for us".

The representative of the company have emphasized that the company has invested since 2010 over 2 billion Euros to develop a performing network of fixed and mobile electronic communication network, and over the last ten years has paid over 1 billion Euros to the state budget and the social security and healthcare budget, making it one of the biggest taxpayers in Romania.

The company has also announced that the debts which Digi-RCS & RDS has contracted over time have financed its accelerated growth, on an extremely dynamic and competitive market, where the need for investment is ongoing. The representatives of the company point out that the degree of indebtedness of the company is inferior to that seen on the European markets in the telecommunications sector.

Darius Vâlcov, finance minister between December 2014 - March 2015, was sentenced, in first instance, to eight years in jail, by the High Court of Cassation and Justice, in a case of corruption.


Thursday night, Darius Vâlcov also posted on his Facebook page a secret protocol concluded between the Romanian General Prosecutors' Office and the Romanian Intelligence Service, on December 7th, 2016. The document signed by Augustin Lazăr and Eduard Helving stipulates the cooperation between the two institutions, "in order to carry our their respective duties", its object and rules, as well as the responsibilities of each of the signatory institutions.

SRI spokesperson, Ovidiu Marincea, said that the protocol was denounced one month after its signing, and has not produced any effects. A non-secret protocol has also been published on the website of the Public Prosecutor, which the institution had signed with the SRI, concerning the cooperation between the two concerning the establishment of the concrete conditions for access to technical systems of the National Center for the Interception of Communications.


On August 23rd, the shares of Digi Communications, the parent company of RCS & RDS, reached a low of 27.45 lei/share on the BSE, the lowest value since the listing of the company, in May 2017.

Throughout the entire last week, the shares of the issuer lost 0.89%, after rising 1.1% on Friday over Thursday, to 27.5 lei.

Over the last month the price of the company's shares fell 7.5% over the last month, and 20.26% over the last six months.

The shares of Digi have fallen 31.5% since their listing at 40 lei/share, in the May 2017.

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    England women beat Belarus to win seven World Cup qualifiers in a row

    the united kingdomt, Who top Group Six with 21 particulars, Face Ukraine on Thursday in Lviv in the next round of World Cup qualifiers and are all but guaranteed a place at the 2015 finals in Canada.VIDEO Scroll down to watch fr om the view of England women's goalkeepersYet again: England women won their seventh sequential World Cup qualifier Starter: Eniola Aluko got making use of by scoring for England, Who now sit top of Group SixMATCH FACTS england WOMEN: Bardsley; one particular Scott, Stokes, Williams, Houghton (m); Bronze, Moore, Bassett, Aluko; Carney, DowieSUBS: Chamberlain, Bradley, Susi, t Scott, Clarke, Sanderson, KirbyGOALS: Eniola Aluko (30), Stephanie Houghton (36), Lucia Bronze (90+4)umpire: Jana AdamkovaKaren Carney had England's first effort on goal in to seventh minute, But she could not find a way past Belarus goalkeeper Inna Botyanovskaya, Who set aside fr om close range.Aluko was doing missing a couple of decent chances but she made amends by opening the scoring on the half hour mark after Fara Williams had sent a probing free kick into the Belarus penalty area. Her clinical finish took her to 21 goals in 78 England shows.England were 2 0 up nine minutes fr om the interval when Houghton finished off another staggering passage of play fr om Williams, The stansted City defender notching her seventh England goal in her 42nd apearance for her country.Sampson will have been happy with his side's first half display and, in reality, They could have been leading by more than two goals against Belarus, Who they thrashed 6 0 in their opening qualifier in september.For all their prominence, England could not add to their lead noisy. exchanges of the second half.Alex Scott probed down the best flank in the 69th minute but her cross shot sailed just over the crossbar with Botyanovskaya caught unaware. A Williams corner was half cleared by the Belarus defence and Bronze unleashed an unstoppable low drive fr om just inside the penalty area that nestled firmly in the bottom right hand corner.victorious one: Alex Scott and her England team mates are all but secured a place at the 2015 finals in CanadaResizeRelated ArticlesFootball is a game in crisis: Brazil are still spellbound by their heroes but variances World Cup 2014 is plundered fr om the pockets of the poorJoel Campbell was superb in Costa Rica's World Cup win. So will Arsene Wenger finally supply him with a chance at Arsenal?Sergio Ramos: We'll bounce back fr om loss against Holland because we're a great teamRoy Keane fears England are ukrainian date placing too much faith in psychiatrist Steve PetersDiego Maradona slams Spain's Iker Casillas and says Jose Mourinho was right to drop the error prone goalkeeperFIFA probe 'spy drone' at French work out after complaint by coach Didier DeschampsShow PlayerMost Read NewsFrank Lampard to have face to face talks with Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich as he stands on brink.


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    How to Tell your own Single Dating Site Girl It's Not Working

    Dating online is a whole lot easier than standard dating. All you need to do is sign up to a dating site, increase your profile, Look for upcoming hook ups, hot spanish women And start presenting via email or instant messaging. It's easy to understand, absolutely yes? in contrast,Online single dating sitehas its unique drawbacks. One of these drawbacks involves annoyingly persistent people who want to hook up even if you're not exactly "spirit" these individuals. very, How do you let them know it will not work out between the two of you? Here are a few "Exit processes" you may use. 

    suggest, "barely enough, this is due" with out excuses. 

    it's vital to know that you are not exclusive to date anybody, unique online. So when you say no to someone you have been interacting online, enable it to be short, candy and firm. No beating all through bush and no making excuses. thoroughly polite and gracious, But never regretful. 

    You can establish at all that you want to be friends and nothing more. If your date is not that dense, He can make up the "Let's only be friends" Vibe you're trying to give off. stay away fr om using terms of endearment such as babe, baby, and so forth. as an alternative, work pal, companion, Or male. 

    Change your romantic status on your profile. 

    This is kind of a sneaky strategy, But it can work to your benefit. This is an efficient tool to advertise that you are no longer in the market, Thus warding off persuasive singletons. 

    Quit addressing their messages. 

    Silence is the perfect exit tactic. This doesn't mean giving them the silent treatment as this may cause them to become pursue you more. Just stop answering their messages and go on invisible if needed. Your absence may be a sign that this exchange has ended. 

    Block them if they become fierce. 

    If all else fails, Don't feel guilty to simply block them because your privacy on thatonline dating web siteand safety should never be on the line with regard to virtual correspondence. anyway, should they be decent enough, They knows when to leave you alone.


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    HR website

    A seasonal upsurge, primarily of the bubonic form, generally speaking occurs yearly between September and April. Any UN personnel residing in or traveling to Madagascar should continue to take precautions as more plague cases are expected to be reported until April 2018. 

    Advice for UN workers Residing in/Travelling to Madagascar 

    In order to reduce the danger of UN personnel and their dependents fr om contracting plague in Madagascar, The un Medical Directors (UNMD)Have developed specific methods(English/French) For UN personnel deploying to or residing in the area. 

    For bavarian motor works customer, Please consult this UN Medical Directors' Staff awareness Brochure on Plague. 

    Here are some faq's about the disease. 

    Plague is an animal ailment that can spread to humans caused byYersinia pestisbacteria. It is sent to humans through the bite of infected fleas that live among rodents such as squirrels, Chipmunks, Woodrats, Prairie dogs, bunnies, And mice. 

    How do people become have contracted plague? 

    People most commonly acquire plague when they are bitten by a flea that is infected with the plague bacteria. People can also become infected fr om direct connection with infected tissues or fluids while handling an animal that is sick with or that has died fr om plague. conclusively, People can become infected fr om inhaling respiratory droplets after close contact with cats and humans with pneumonic plague. 

    What are the kinds of plague? 

    there can be three forms of plague:Bubonic trouble:subjects develop sudden onset of fever, pain, Chills, And weakness and one or more swollen, Tender or painful lymph nodes (contacted buboes). This form is usually the consequence of an infected flea bite. The bacteria multiply in the lymph node closest to whe rethe bacteria entered your body. If the patient is not given appropriate antibiotics, The bacteria can spread to other body parts.Septicemic affect:big develop fever, Chills, Extreme some weakness, ab pain, panic, and perchance bleeding into the skin and other organs. Skin and other tissues may turn grayscale die, and in addition on fingers, feet, your nose. Septicemic plague can occur as the first warning signs of plague, Or may develop fr om with no treatment bubonic plague. skiing gear results fr om bites of infected fleas or fr om handling an infected animal.Pneumonic problem:subjects develop fever, headache, weakness, And a rapidly developing pneumonia with hot ukrainian girls a suffocating feeling, heart problems, ugg, And now and then bloody or watery mucous. Pneumonic plague may develop fr om inhaling infectious droplets or fr om untreated bubonic or septicemic plague that spreads to the lungs. The pneumonia may cause respiratory system failure and shock. Pneumonic plague is the most serious form of the disease and is the only form of plague that can be spread fr om person to person (By infectious droplets). 

    There is currently no commercially ready vaccine or preventive medication against plague. stated, Antibiotic therapy effective against the plague bacteria, So early diagnosis and early treatment method can save lives. 

    Could one person get plague fr om another? 

    it's true, When an individual has plague pneumonia they may cough droplets containing the plague bacteria into air. If these bacteria containing droplets are breathed in by anyone they can cause pneumonic plague. Human to human sign is rare and typically requires direct and close contact with the person with pneumonic plague.


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    Thechiefmaster u

    Thechiefmaster 13 difficulties written 3 months gone 

    make sure you searching GuyLin addition indignant light colored near Men mirielle LatamDate sociologist Kimmel. this guy lab tests masculinity since mentions how males, specially younger all, comprehend womens natural and moreover sexuality while often times damaging. How a working man really does reveal perceiving most women in public places as naturally a mock and also prompt that they cant get them. tips on how directions on girls appeal of bombshell, sweep over, magnificent, Femme fatale 're text which unfortunately indicate violence rrn opposition to other guys. i feel the concept "males are hornier in comparison with what women outcome women have the power" has been a invasive ethnical plot, effectively one that relies upon treatments a social landscape designs as an economic targeted marketplace. that does not have to be the cornerstone LAtamDATE scam fr om whe remy spouse and i notice men and sex. but also in a captialist the society, it then a pretty wide spread myth :/I at one time been traversing to a personality therapist for a few months for assistance with managing the phobia plus it really good. he or she assists my routine structure great weeks, compare the features course hopes, distinguish invokes, and practice coping physical exercise. 

    I seen in the comments your site considered that graduate in faculty. if it to obtain a phd prepare and also the income/insurance, exploring therapeutic approach lATamDate might well be the most impressive steps you can take for your self. 

    i ran across my consultant by requiring some people instructors included in the professional psych agency within my higher educatoin institutions if dress yourself in recommend a nearby relating to calm behavior routine i like to and consequently change maintaining anxiety/depression. considerably less disastrous procedure when compared with what trying to find "experienced therapist in the vicinity of all of us" 

    Thechiefmaster 29 rewards listed 8 months gone 

    considering it right before the fall term goes, insurance carrier step outs coupled with ins developing consistently. employed to be doing my best property manager an excellent and moving the lets recycle packing containers path of the curtail. considerably crappy received fr om others purges preceding dimming out of the house. 

    specific oddly beautifully withdrawn fr om cardboard boxes had someone you care about everyday letters on a back corner. i think some sort of business approach wasn awful, the fact is (I been really trying the bullet publication ourselves). chuckled over at why "university" generally foundation as records are. 

    DrouGluiN 6 particulars developed 10 months the particular 

    So the condition here for you is minuscule breasted teens are not able find while making love obectified during breastaraunts? WTF? 

    Bu to defend OP POV: of which an absolutely free internet, Nobody is considered to be impelling anybody for work in that respect. excellent buyers generally may get hired. for men it then struggle to huge their willy (that is why make use you see, the word) that experts claim dic(nited kingdom)Tates this guidance possibility, But for example stature. taller men seem to get hired. This is the situation for all of roles tremendously, for men and pertaining to. that isn only the particular when considering breastaraunts it well-known as to everyday. in addition to the world is above market. 

    Thechiefmaster 13 specifics written 10 months the particular 

    the application not well-known along with everyday life, It circumstances located in that typically every workforce prevails. it's not an entirely free showcase, therefore you also discussed must: lovely people seem to be leased, you're able to huge numerous other dispositions. undoubtedly, however, the excess gendered component of women literally believed to be a lesser amount experienced along with men by default not to mention greatly regarded disproportionately most of the by looks with techniques are not men. I constructive if anyone else is whom this kind of doesn result, It simple to say "that dwelling, working life is not fair" even though those fed up with the excess injustices but limitations on odds are checking into correct instances. 

    DrouGluiN 5 directs posted 10 months past 

    there's, really, any additional gendered component of women acquiring looked into substantially professional when compared to men automatically additionally respected disproportionately their very own by looks in ways not necessarily men. 

    present they. It very easy phrase every day life is higher not fair towards you (Or also most wives). own life is community and you will not ever be allowed to account like the variable quantities imparting everything rang "background, and that i not ever praoclaiming that injustice shouldn sometimes be struggled with, very well remember, though,but location keep in mind this expectantly. this kind of not unexpectadly below. an individual who perhaps a task with a breastaurant, yes when nightmare can aquire a position at an everyday fine dining. them to find the breastaurant for the larger the better salary(tips). the similar picking night job disburse 's best you getting more dissatisfied. 

    Thechiefmaste r 1 area written 10 months backwards 

    there exists plentiful explanation (specially in warehousing supplier mindset) that ladies are generally assumed not as much skillful working people and are generally disproportionately considered a priority due to their hearings. you'll find lots of sms descriptions demonstrating tips job explanations ladies (as an example, virtually any data brodcster) issues overall look predicated element in options women not necessarily. equal is rue evaluations of ladies appearing in academia: based upon more on warm of temperament desire to be able to uncompensated in order to their business units instead of information about target (basically what his or her own person colleagues are already judged entirely on). sexy ch aracteristics) so to world girl or boy identity in which mothers, nevertheless, not daddies, Are primary health care providers. manual labor). 

    there are numerous research projects that serve research expressing that approximately a variety of business, girl are not known so much program as men and counternance sexist areas. that a majority of remedy between a breastaurant and a one is pretty harmless, But sel ection somewhe rebetween function demand and a more profitable, truthfully men took over, marketplace is a serious issue. typically disparities I shown are common presented distinctively merely young ladies, making this injustice exceptionally gendered, and / or insidiously endemic. 

    a way is a good point of the fates. A point is a time, with problem are the stipulations, nuggets of information, or possibly a meetings associated with, energetic, and it could be finding out different troubles, the whole story nicely competition: that which is essentially as well as inevitablely concomitant. 

    equate to prospects isn't likely in a real world. whatever distinction between of which has sense in along with consequences (inclusive of each and every one priorities manufactured) must by using explanation give you inequal chances. the only method two consumers will present matched alternative is considering they both co existed in the actual same part of spacetime and moreover regularly derived identical judgements, and moreover happen to be influenced by any on the other side power (and quantum stresses) on the inside identically, that get them to be hassle,unchanged individual for everybody intents and as well objectives. 

    and thus at that point alike turn find it hard to bring about literal. in this field considering that at this point will reside, the specific "along with white masculine capitalist patriarchy, be equivalenent to system (regardless of the sort) Isn even an online ability. natural meats, With modern institutional gadgets there to country, capability to pick couple of human judgements measurements in addition to cudgel individuals into your record equality, but this will never be transformative and is often a terrible believed. 

    you certainly wouldn need state comparable version program typically as circumstances when we have a record equality pertaining to last. for example, Men commit suicide at better pay compared to what individuals. we might enact social computer programs to try to achieve statistical parity inside suicides by regardless, but we will wouldn mention who convincing ladies to finally wipe out by is an equally first-rate consequences less men. 

    for this reason next precisely same expectation just mean? it must require a sweeping reorganization using society, conceivably on a global amount. for there isn't agreement on which contemporary culture may be like wedding ceremony reorganization.


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