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Plots of land for sale abound in the Valea Prahovei region

Alina Toma Vereha (Tradus de Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
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Sinaia and Predeal remain the most expensive towns, whereas Breaza has the most plots of land on sale

Plots of land make up the bulk of holiday properties on sale in the Valea Prahovei region. Even if the deadlock of the real estate market has lowered the appetite of investors to buy land for investments, there are still a substantial number of plots of land on sale for building holiday homes, according to a study by real estate company "Mervani".

Sinaia, Predeal, Bu teni, Azuga which are the most expensive when it comes to plots of land located inside the city perimeter. Apart from Câmpina, where the average price is EUR 100/sqm, in most of the cities in the Valea Prahovei region the average price for land is below EUR 50/sqm, according to the aforementioned study.

The average price of land put up for sale in Sinaia is EUR 205/sqm, for plots of approximately 1,300 sqm. The average price is similar in Predeal, (about EUR 204/sqm), for plots with an average area of approximately 1,900 sqm.

In Azuga, the plots of land put up for sale in the first part of the year, cost on average EUR 195 /sqm, for an average surface of approximately 800 sqm, and Buşteni has similar offers with average price of EUR 194/sqm, and for plots of land on average twice as big as the ones on sale in Azuga.

In Câmpina, the average price of land is EUR 101/sqm, in Bran - EUR 65/sqm, and in Breaza - EUR 51/sqm (for an average area of over 2,000 sqm). Cornu is even cheaper at EUR 49/sqm on average, and Comarnic has cheap land with an average of around EUR 30/sqm (for an average surface of approximately 2,000 sqm).

Representatives of "Mervani" have determined that plots of land make up 15% of the number of real estate sale offers in Breaza, 14% in Câmpina, Sinaia and Comarnic (around 11%), Buşteni, Predeal and Cornu (between 5 and 10%).

The average price for plots of land in Valea Prahovei located outside the city"s incorporated area is EUR 14/sqm, for an average area of 7,000 sqm. Land is the cheapest in Telega (EUR 6/sqm), and is the most expensive in Râşnov (EUR 29/sqm). In Sinaia and Câmpina, the average surface of plots of land located outside the city is 9,000 sqm. In cities such as Breaza, Băneşti, Cornu and Brebu, plots of land have on average 5,000 to 7,000 square meters. In Râşnov, Comarnic and Telega, plots of land outside the town"s area have less than 5,000 sqm.

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