THE "ENERGY PLUGGED IN" CONFERENCE, 2ND EDITION / MIRELA SĂNDULESCU, OPCOM:"The regional energy exchange, ready by the end of the year"

EMILIA OLESCU (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 18 septembrie 2014

"The regional energy exchange, ready by the end of the year"

Countries in South-Eastern Europe are on schedule with the creation of the regional exchange, and it will become operational by the end of the year, as announced by Mirela Săndulescu, the head of the Strategic Cooperation Department of the OPCOM, who talked about the status of the integration process of the spot electricity markets.

According to Mirela Săndulescu, about 72-73% of the consumption zones operate in an integrated regime.

According to the European Commission, a regional level approach was and will continue to be decisive for the integration of the European energy market, in terms of the cross-border trades, as well as the security of the energy supply.

One first such example for such a regional cooperation was the creation, in the beginning of 2014, by the network operators and the energy exchanges in sixteen member states, of the so-called coupling of the day-ahead markets, the European Commission says.

If the regional energy exchange in South-Eastern Europe were created this year, the coupling of the markets on a pan-European level including the markets in SEE is set to become operational in the second quarter of 2015, according to the quoted source.

In February 2015, at least some of the northern borders of Italy will be coupled to this mechanism.

Romania is located in an area which serves as an interface area between some regions, the OPCOM representative says, and she emphasized that the goal is to get Greece to join this integrated system.

Some of the effects of an integrated market include price convergence, the trading of energy in a single location (on the exchange), the maximization of the overall profit, market volatility, a more consistent reference price, the reduction of market abuse, the elimination of existing risks in the case of separate trading, in the short term, of the interconnection capabilities, as well as the creation of new opportunities for cross-border trading.

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