The source of the night: The struggle for world hegemony between the US and China

English Section / 13 noiembrie 2023

The world gathered in Beijing. (Photo source:

The world gathered in Beijing. (Photo source:

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"[...] covering the earth

like a sea of darkness.

Your eyes are so black

my light".

Lucian Blaga

"Spring of the Night"

The atrocities committed by Hamas in Israel have covered the earth with a sea of darkness, depravity contaminates the world - Israel has not remained above, responding to the bestiality with cruelty (those on the spot claim it is necessary).

I mean moral decay, which I understand as an entropic process amplifying as it comes into contact with civilization.

According to the Jewish proverb: "When a wise man and a fool argue, people see that two fools are arguing."

In Israel, a maelstrom has been unleashed that sucks us in.

And if I said "maelström", I will also say "zombification".

I watch the movies with "zombies" on a bed of moral decay.

Depravity bites.

Death reproduces under the guise of life.

But Jorge Luis Borges exposed a reverse process of the contagion of depravity.

He borrows the title "Approaching Almotasim" from an Indian detective novel, where the main character notices a softening of infamy in one of the most disgusting people in his entourage and concludes that his "momentary decency" is a reflection of a friend or a friend of a friend.

"In a certain place on earth there is a man who spreads this light," quotes Borges, saying that the character he quotes dedicates his life to the search for "the man who is equal to this light."

Our case is upside down.

The Palestinian population that complains (perhaps rightfully so) of Israeli "Nazi" oppression, complains of discrimination and disenfranchisement, yet happily celebrates the killing of fourteen hundred non-combatant Israelis - including women, children, the elderly - and the taking of hundreds of hostages civilians.

Instead of being in solidarity with the victims, on the contrary, the crimes make them happy.

Instead of being in solidarity with the victims, on the contrary, the crimes make them happy. The Palestinian people claim not to be called 'terrorists', because it would be a mistake to generalize the criminal character of their extremists; then why do they make the same mistake about the israeli people? Hundreds of thousands of Jews from Israel and all over the world have demonstrated in the streets, repeatedly, for the rights of the Palestinians - why do the Palestinian people rejoice when the Jews who support them are slaughtered?!


These oppressed people manifest "momentary depravity", visible from the moon.

She is the reflection of a friend or a friend of a friend.

It is the opposite of Borges.

On his model, I will devote the article to the search for the source of darkness.


Following the Hamas attack, the Israeli army was forced to lay siege to Gaza, resulting in thousands of Palestinian casualties, the vast majority of them civilians, and hundreds of thousands of displaced people.

On the other side of the world, Russia invaded Ukraine without any real provocation and without warning, even lying about not doing it when it did; more than 100,000 soldiers from both sides, Russian and Ukrainian, have died so far, and tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians and millions of Ukrainians have been displaced.

Declaring Hamas a "terrorist group" (even though it rules a territory) is plausible.

Declaring a large state, like Russia or Iran, as a terrorist state is more complicated, primarily because, without any consequence, the term "terrorist" would be trivialized.

The Wagner group of Russian mercenaries was declared a terrorist group in Great Britain in mid-September.

The darkness of the Wagner group is behind the darkness of the Russian state, whose hypocrisy allows it to claim that it is not responsible for the acts of the mercenaries.

In the same way, the darkness of Hamas and Hezbollah would not represent a real threat to anyone if it did not have a colossus of military and financial darkness behind it, named Iran, where politicians circulate the idea that the state of Israel must be abolished.

These relatively small entities - Hamas and Wagner - that spread terror and instability in different parts of the world have two states that support them financially, militarily and logistically - Iran and Russia -, states that have not been declared terrorists.

But from there the night flows "covering the earth like a sea of darkness".

The West is powerless to counter these two states that, either directly or through intermediaries, terrorize the world.

Because despite all the sanctions imposed by what is called (abusively, however) the "civilized world", Russia and Iran have no problem getting money and technology to continue their reign of terror.

And this is where China rises.

Without China, neither the Russians nor the Iranians could have achieved the effectiveness in terror, because they would not have had the money and technology.

China did not appear to disappear.

China is constantly expanding and will continue to do business with all countries that oppose democracy.

For China, democracy is a bargaining chip on its way to global hegemony.

China wants world supremacy or, anyway, it aspires to an international stature equivalent to the United States of America and pursues its goal throughout the five-year period, with proverbial perseverance.

Taking advantage of the global financial crisis, in 2015, China requested the IMF to add the yuan to the SDR basket.

Despite American criticism, the IMF included the yuan in the currency basket of the SDR in 2016, recognizing the growing economic importance of China at the global level.

In the same year, China pushed for the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), considered by many analysts as an alternative to the World Bank.

AIIB headquarters is in Beijing.

The headquarters of the World Bank is in Washington.

In their case, geography is symbolic, defining the rival parties.

As well as participation.

Today, the AIIB has 47 member countries, of which the USA is missing.

Romania has not joined the AIIB either.

Instead, the countries with personality joined from Europe - Austria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Great Britain.

The World Bank has four times as many member states, with Romania, of course, but also including China, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Israel, yes, to a limited extent, even the Palestinian Authority receives assistance.

The international alignment behind the US or behind China is relative, but the opposition between the US and China is unmistakable: the US strives to perpetuate the current world power hierarchy, China strives to turn it in its favor.

In the middle of last month, the third edition of the Forum for International Cooperation "Belt and Road" took place in China, where 130 countries participated, attracted by the gigantic project of connecting the continents promoted by China:

1. Silk Road Economic Belt (Belt): a network of land economic corridors connecting China to Europe through Central Asia and Russia - railways, highways and pipelines.

2. Maritime Silk Road (Road): the construction of ports and maritime facilities for maritime connections between China, South Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

While Chinese President Xi Jinping presided over this enthusiastic global gathering, saying that the benefits and opportunities offered by the Belt and Road cooperation are for the whole world, by contrast, the US President failed in Israel to find a solution to the microscopic situation there.

Xi binds continents, Joe can't even untie his shoelaces.

He trips over a pebble or falls down the stairs of the plane.

Western democracy is mostly made on foot.

We have entered a new era in which the great powers, which refrain from a direct confrontation, measure their powers through proxies.


And the "great powers" are no longer America and the Soviet Union, but America and China.

What remained of the Soviet Union, that is, Russia, has now descended to the level of a bitter tool of China, without realizing it, or without being able to object anymore.

The overthrow of hierarchies takes place in a bloody manner, but the connection of this process with the crimes in Israel and Ukraine is difficult to follow, if we are not sensitive to the growth and decline of the globalization process, to the change of hegemonies, also at the same time as the world is engulfed in debt, according to the economic model of investments on credit that seems to have died.

What can the glow of the project connecting Asia, Europe and Africa have to do with the night that fell over Ukraine and Israel?

The Chinese say 有光水影 (yǒu guāng jiù yǒu yǐng).

There is darkness, where light comes from.

Or something like that.

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