AVAS Receives 8 Bids From Potential Tractorul Liquidators

Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 26 aprilie 2007

The State Assets Recovery Authority (AVAS) received eight bids from potential liquidators of the Brasov-based tractor maker Tractorul following a tender organized for this purpose. The bidders are: Siomax SPRL - Targu Jiu, Casa de Insolventa Transilvania SPRL - Cluj Napoca, Musat & Asociatii - Casa de Insolventa SPRL - Bucharest, Consultor Active SPRL - Bucharest, Maestro SPRL - Constanta, Casa de Insolventa Moldova SPRL - Iasi, BNP Consult SPRL - Craiova and RVA Insolvency Specialists SPRL - Bucharest.

On December 31st, 2006, the preliminary value of Tractorul"s fixed assets was 156.5 million RON, whereas debts amounted to 793.7 million RON. The liquidator will be remunerated with a commission on the overall amount collected from the sale of the assets, the company"s receivables and the sale of production stocks.

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