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Dust at the inauguration of Mega Mall

Dust at the inauguration of Mega Mall

Alina Toma (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 15 mai 2015

South African investment fund New Europe Property Investments (NEPI) yesterday chose to open the doors of Mega Mall in the National Arena area of Bucharest, among workers, scaffolds and dust, which is unusual for a project which wants to be seen...

Office Space Rent Down As Much As 35%

Office Space Rent Down As Much As 35%

TRADUS DE ANDREI NĂSTASEZiarul BURSA #English Section / 20 februarie 2009

Afraid of not being able to find solvent tenants as fast as possible, office building owners have significantly reduced their rents and have become much more flexible about lease terms. Influenced by the current market trend, owners accept to cut...

Land in Pipera - Tunari is 50% cheaper

Land and New Apartment Prices Down 25%

Alina Toma VerehaZiarul BURSA #English Section / 14 noiembrie 2008

The ongoing liquidity crisis is affecting both real estate developers and customers as the price for newly built residential and office buildings is decreasing significantly. The price of land is decreasing, too, especially in the northern part...


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