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More investments in renewable energy

Alina Toma Vereha (Tradus de Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
Ziarul BURSA #English Section /

The energy market regulator, ANRE this month issued several licenses for the development of several renewable energy plants. The unit with the largest output will be located a wind farm in the Cogealac - Dobrogea area, and will be developed by "Ovidiu Development" SRL. The wind farm will feature 77 wind turbines with an installed power of 192.5 MW.

"Topleţ Energy" obtained the authorization for the wind farm called Tople 1 in Caransebeş, with an installed power of 1.8 MW produced by two 0.9 MW Conergy turbines. "Telesatelit" SRL will build a small wind farm in the village of Dieneţ Deal, in the county of Bacău.

Another project that ANRE issued a license for is the wind farm called Mihai Viteazu 2. The plant will be built outside the commune of Mihai Viteazu in the county of Constan a, by N.E.G. Project 1 SRL and will feature four turbines and have an installed power of 3.2 MW.

Compania de Apn Some1 SA received the license to build a small hydroelectric plant downstream from the Tarniza dam. The plant will be located outside the commune of Gilău, in the county of Cluj, with an installed power of 1.6 MW. Another company that invested in renewable energy is "Hidrogest Energia" SRL, which will build a 6.6 MW plant in Roşcani, the county of Hunedoara.

"Interagro" will also cogenerate energy on the premises of the flower glasshouses of Zimnicea. The plant will have an installed electrical power of 2.05 MW, and an installed thermal power of approximately 6 MW.

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