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THE "BENEFITS OF MEDIATION IN DEALING WITH CONFLICTS" CONFERENCE /MIRELA IOVU:"I don't think that attending the information session about mediation should have been made mandatory"

E.O. (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
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Mirela Iovu

Mirela Iovu

The market wasn't ready for any step of the mediation procedure to be made mandatory, Mirela Iovu, vice-president of CEC Bank considers.

She said: "It shouldn't have come to something mandatory. I don't think it was the time. I think that the six years for the introduction of mediation should have been consolidated. We weren't ready".

According to her, the institutions of the state should have provided more information to the parties involved in this sector, prior to making it mandatory to participate in the sessions of information about mediation, starting with February 15th, 2013.

"We need to think about the structures that need to be developed so we have the ability to attend 5-6 meetings on the same day, to think about what we are going to do if we fail to get to all the requests for information, in which case we get sanctioned...".

Emphasizing that CEC Bank has developed the necessary structure in order to comply with the regulations in the sector, while the banking sector still has difficulties in that regard, Mirela Iovu expressed nevertheless her conviction that the players in the sector will succeed in making mediation a solution to which the parties involved in conflicts would resort of their own accord.

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