Balancing market prices, totally out of control

Balancing market prices, totally out of control

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 16 iulie

Due to the existence of an oligopoly in the energy balancing market, which imposes ever higher prices, a significant part of the energy suppliers could close their doors in the next three months, if the Government, the Ministry of Energy or the...

Sursa foto: Fundaţia Orange

Orange Digital Center aniversează un an de activitate

F.D.Companii / 11 iulie

Orange Digital Center, hub de educaţie digitală din Bucureşti, aniversează un an de existenţă, prilej cu care Fundaţia Orange îşi reia angajamentul de a oferi conţinut util şi resurse educaţionale deschise, accesibile gratuit tuturor persoanelor...

UN: People, the main "danger" for the planet

UN: People, the main "danger" for the planet

O.D.English Section / 7 iunie

Greed, bad decisions, wrong experiments have caused immense damage to nature. Humans, guilty of climate warming, represent the same "danger" for our planet as "the meteorite that exterminated the dinosaurs", declared the UN...

Photo source: facebook/Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision, a tribune of geopolitical squabbles

O.D.English Section / 24 aprilie

The Eurovision contest is changing from one year to the next, the connection with music being ever thinner. This year's edition will be no exception, being preceded by many geopolitical discussions. More than 400 Irish artists urged the...

A real tax reform or a new patch?

A real tax reform or a new patch?

Theodor StolojanEnglish Section / 18 aprilie

Theodor Stolojan

Through the National Recovery and Resilience Program (PNRR), Romania has committed to carrying out tax reform in 2025. Until the elections for the Romanian Parliament in December 2024, citizens would have the opportunity to participate in an...

Funding from the authorities for craftsmen

Funding from the authorities for craftsmen

O.D.English Section / 10 aprilie

Craftsmen are enjoying the attention after a period when they seemed doomed to disappear. The Minister of Labor and Social Solidarity, Simona Bucura - Oprescu, states that Romanian crafts and producers must be supported concretely, with funding...

Photo source: www.iffl.il.jpg

Quds Day, under the specter of revenge

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 5 aprilie

Authorities in Israel were preparing at the close last night to counter a possible massive drone and cruise missile attack today, Quds Friday, announced by leaders in Tehran after Israeli forces killed several Iranian military chiefs in a bombing...

What fueled the rise of the BET index this year?

What fueled the rise of the BET index this year?

ANDREI IACOMIEnglish Section / 3 aprilie

The BET index, of the most important companies from the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), has been marking a series of new historical records for more than a month, the main share basket of our capital market recently exceeding the 17,000 point...

The alleged attackers at the Moscow concert hall, before the attack (below) and after they were detained by Russian forces

In Moscow, terrorist attack or special operation?

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 25 martie

Despite the fact that ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on the shopping center near Moscow and insists on doing so, Vladimir Putin insists on pointing the finger at Ukraine. Around this terrorist attack, each camp associates the authors...

The world has entered the "zodiac" of war

The world has entered the "zodiac" of war

Octavian DanEnglish Section / 19 ianuarie

The world map is filled with red dots, marking places where armed conflicts of various sizes are taking place. In addition to these, there are also "orange' zones where tensions are escalating, and direct confrontation seems imminent....

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