The agony of the concrete economy and the PM's statistics induced ecstasy

English Section / 17 februarie

The agony of the concrete economy and the PM's statistics induced ecstasy

In the same country, in the same capital, on the same day, at the same time, CFR members protest, hoteliers and restaurateurs protest, a police union protests in front of the Government building, and the Prime Minister exults with joy and celebrates his economic achievements which he claims have amazed Europe.

Is that possible ?!

Yes, it is possible.

As proof that it is possible, yesterday, the policemen showed their dissatisfaction in Victoriei Square, demanding the unfreezing of salaries and pensions. Also yesterday, HORECA representatives said they were on the verge of bankruptcy, since they had kept their establishments closed for a year following the restrictions imposed by the Government to fight the pandemic, but the state amounting to 20% of the losses, promised by former Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, as well as current PM Florin Cîţu, was not paid, because the budget was not approved.

Again yesterday, CFR employees protested against the postponement until 2022 of the two wage increased initially planned for 2021, in the Law that was passed. Such protests no longer faze anybody, it's normal to ask, it's normal not to get, injustice has become normalized and it no longer impresses anybody - it is a drop in primitivity that we have become accustomed to, if we were ever at a different level.

What seems out of the ordinary about yesterday is that simultaneously with those three protests that were economically motivated, came the numbers from the National Statistics Institute (INS) which, according to the expectations of the statisticians, surpass the most optimistic expectations, and PM Florin Cîţu says

"We promised. We did. We were we right."

And more: "We took the best measures, from an economic standpoint and we have wrecked EVERY apocalyptic prediction."

Yes, it's possible.

The discontent of the masses, together with the unhappiness of the prime-minister.

Both are possible because the parties in conflict are speaking about different matters: protesters are agonizing in the real economy, while Florin Cîţu's extasy is statistically induced by the macroeconomic indicators.

And, we will ask naively, don't macroeconomic indicators also gauge concrete


Let's answer the naive: no, they don't.

What am I saying here, you ask?!

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