Dan Diaconescu: "Erbasu Was About To Make Sensational Disclosures About The Construction Mob"

Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 28 iunie 2004

Dan Diaconescu, president of the television station OTV, told "Bursa" that Mihai Erbasu had contacted him a week before his death to tell him that he wanted to appear on "Dan Diaconescu Live" to publicly disclose the construction industry mob. According to Diaconescu, Erbasu called him again the following day to tell him that he no longer wanted to be on the talk-show. "I had the feeling he was not alone when he called me to cancel," Diaconescu said. He added: "On Thursday, he rushed into my office saying he had changed his mind again, that he wanted to make spectacular disclosures on my show and that many heads would roll after that show. He said he was going to speak about Traian Basescu, Miron Mitrea and the Drupo bankruptcy case. < They want to drive Erbasu Group into bankruptcy, just like they did Drupo > Mr Erbasu told me. Thinking that the electoral campaign was in full swing and that the subject could wait, I told him that we would do the show on Monday evening. But it was too late."

According to Diaconescu, Mihail Erbasu told him that he was sick of politics because he had helped everyone and then everyone was turning their back on him: "All politicians have double-crossed me. I sponsored them and when they took office they refused to give me contracts. When I wanted to see Basescu recently, he refused to see me and had his secretary tell me he didn't want to see me again and then he had the security throw me out..."

Diaconescu believes that the Erbasu family fortune is worth some 12-to-13 million USD and definitely not 100 million USD, as several media have said. Diaconescu also believes that Erbasu owed some six-to-seven million USD and held almost seven million USD worth of receivables from several construction contracts he had completed.

Diaconescu also told "Bursa" that, in the recent past, Erbasu used to pay his workers with his own money. "The payroll was 400,000 USD, but the company only had 300,000 USD available, so the difference had to come from somewhere."

Even though Attorney General Ilie Botos had said he would interview Diaconescu in relation to this case, the OTV president says no one has requested to hear him so far.

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