Les ordures de la charmante Clotilde et ses odeurs, or, in other words:The garbage of the charming Clotilde and her stench

English Section / 15 decembrie 2020

The garbage of the charming Clotilde and her stench

Garbage piling up near lampposts, rising as high as 5-6 meters, I even photographed some yesterday next to my home, in the District 1 of the French Clotilde Armand, who was appointed as mayor in the last election, which some claim she stole, while she claims that she didn't, even as she has the unbelievable gall to incriminate those who filmed the vote steal with the ballot bags, when the cameras weren't supposed to be working, which is what she had been assured would be the case.

Honestly, what is she saying when she's saying this?!

We have moved from the subject, - les ordures et ses odeurs - but we're stuck with Clotilde.

Let's deal with the garbage.

Like the sour cream in the magic mug (a Soviet cartoon from my childhood), it is rising from one second to the next.

The garbage men of Romprest aren't picking it up, because they do not do volunteer work, or at the very least they do not work for free for the French lady -they claim that the mayoralty of District owes them 80 million lei (16.5 million Euros).

Notre mayor Coltilde says that she won't pay because elle n'a pas d'argent (no money), Tudorache allegedly left her broke (I wonder who that guy is?!), a guy born on February 27, 1964, from the PSD, who served as mayor prior to her and who is also called Daniel (long live Wikipedia!).

Gabriela Vrânceanu Firea Pandele says that the mayoralty owns 50% of Romprest, which means that if the Mayoralty paid 16.5 million, it would actually get back 8.25 million, so that I would propose making a sweet deal and giving them only half, and they would get 4 million back, and so on, until they would actually end up not paying them anything.

In fact, I think that's exactly the deal that Clotilde is making (somewhere there has been an error in judgment, mais l'important c'est la rose).

Some garbage men (I don't know who, maybe others, but some of them may be from Romprest) who have contracts with the garbage companies, are still coming in to pick up their garbage, but not of their unpaid brothers.

The people of Bucharest have caught on and they are dumping their garbage next to lampposts located near various stores.

I once paid them to pick up my garbage from the dumpsters I have in my yard and since then, they've gotten into the habit of calling me daily via my intercom yelling: "Garbage!"


Their shouts bring me back to reality.

I thank them!

On Saturday it rained, or maybe the snow melted, I don't know, I've been shut inside since February and I can't see anything through the window bars, I've pulled down the blinders and day and night I keep my lights on and I can't even tell if it's Thursday or Sunday.

Is Christmas over?

Well, I was told that on Saturday, the water flushed the garbage away and to the delight of the Mickey Mice (les souris, in French), spread them all over the street.

It's only now that Bucharest deserves its name of Little Paris!

But only in District 1.

In the Soviet movie, cream would become a stormy torrent that would sweep all the villagers away.

Flavia Teodosiu, who truth be told, is actually the green-eyed lawyer of Liviu Dragnea, got mad, because she lives in District 1, and, leaving politics aside, has launched a Civic Petition on Facebook, asking Madame la maire (maire means mayor, meaning Clotilde Armand) to clean up the waste, in other words to do her job.

Flavia placed the petition on Facebook on December 8th and yesterday it had 4000 signatures.

I agree with Flavia Teodosiu, the petition is correct and I support it.

BURSA is endorsing the petition of Flavia Teodosiu.

BURSA also has its headquarters in Bucharest District 1, a ten minutes walk from my home.

I did not sign that petition.

I have two reasons not to.

The first: I don't have a Facebook account.

Second: I have a ferocious shepherd dog, no rat or any other black (am I allowed to use the word "black" in this French context, or will I be called an antisemite?).

La charmante Clotilde has not stopped taking photos with the garbage men of Romprest, to show us the complete harmony that rules in our Parisian-like ambiance and that the scenario according to which she seeks to bankrupt Romprest, to give an edge to Veolia (Veolia Environnement is a French company operating in four areas: water, energy, transport and waste management, present in Romania since 1992, which since 2000, owns the Apa Nova water and sewer network through French group Veolia Water, together with the mayoralty of Bucharest - long live Wikipedia!).

Clotilde Armand started making a fuss by showing that Flavia Teodosiu was paid about 120,000 Euros in fees by the Mayoralty of District 1.

What's that got to do with anything?!

I divided 120,000 Euros across the 12 years of legal services and I got 10,000 Euros per year, 833 Euros a month.

Honestly, what is Clotilde saying when she says that?!

That she would have been able to pay 16.5 million to Romprest, if that lawyer hadn't been paid the aforementioned 120,000 Euros?

Mais c'est ridicule!

Of course, Armand Clotilde (I have elegantly swapped the two names to avoid the Romanian cacophony, even though it is well deserved) brings up the issue of the payment to the law firm, with the goal of creating a primitive diversion, because the issue at stake is completely different.

Still, I have contacted Flavia Teodosiu, who was kind enough to answer that she has concluded the legal representation contract with District 1, answering the request for a quote made in 2007-2008 and extending it until 2012-2013, and she was always paid after the provision of the service, between the 5-8-10 law firms which had their service orders distributed among them.

Lawyer Flavia Teodosiu claims that the state of insalubriousness created in District 1 violates every legal healthcare and sanitation norm.

I have advised her to get a Bukovinean shepherd, it is ferocious when outside in the yard, but in the home is just as docile as a Chinese cat (I don't know what a Chinese cat is like, but I would assume it is very docile, due to the political regime over there).

Is it still raining?

Is it still January?

Has the plague arrived?

Can I come out or are the clouds still radioactive, from the last bomb?

District 1, if you're having fun, put your hands up!

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