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Croatian demining systems on the Ukrainian front

Croatian demining systems on the Ukrainian front

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 23 mai

One of the exhibitors at BSDA 2024 is the Croatian company DOK-ING which specializes in the manufacture of demining systems. In the exhibition, visitors can admire the MV10 system, intended for anti-tank demining, a system that weighs almost 21...

The residential market, in decline

The residential market, in decline

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 29 martie

Residential projects seem to be on stand-by this year, a fact that can be felt in the activity of construction material producers in our country, who also faced a decrease in the volume of works in the residential area last year, but with a...

Big breathing projects. In Paris

Big breathing projects. In Paris

Marius TiţaEnglish Section / 21 august 2023

Marius Tiţa

It was terrible then, on April 15, 2019, when the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris caught fire, the famous, historical, beautiful, beloved, wonderful house of God! Octav Drăgan, the Romanian photographer of Paris, was there and remembers that, at...

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