Dan Şucu: The idea that the state could become the largest investor in Romania scares me

F.A. (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 14 octombrie 2011

Dan Şucu: The idea that the state could become the largest investor in Romania scares me

Dan Şucu, the president of the Association of the Major Commercial Networks in Romania (AMRCR) and owner of Mobexpert, yesterday said that the thing that frightens him the most is the idea that the state could become the largest investor in the Romanian economy, as companies in the market are beginning to migrate to the gray area of the economy due to the keeping of the high VAT rate in place.

Dan Şucu said that keeping the VAT at 24% is a mistake: "Every day that this VAT tax is in place pushes companies in Romania from the white area towards the gray area of the economy".

Discussing the business of Mobexpert, Dan Şucu said that it has seen an increase in the first nine months of 2011. "From our point of view, in the first nine months we"ve seen a 3% increase. As for expansion, one needs to know the market they are expanding on. For us, expansion is no longer a priority because we do not want to change the concept which we have implemented, namely, going to areas with a maximum of 500,000 inhabitants", the head of Mobexpert said, quoted by Agerpres.

The president of the Major Commercial Networks in Romania (AMRCR) also said that there are no irresponsible customers in Romania, just the government which spends the public funds in a wasteful manner: "Romanian customers have always been pretentious when it comes to their money, except they now have less of it. Since having less money...customers told us that they eat out less. There is an area of pessimism in the market, but customers aren"t reckless when it comes to purchases. The recklessness is mostly visible in how the government spends public money. Also, we can say that, perhaps Romanians are irresponsible when it comes to how they elect their leaders. I do not understand why a customer is considered irresponsible when he wants to borrow in order to buy something, but when the government borrows billions to squander it is not viewed the same".

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