NATO, at the mercy of the Romanians: Iohannis the Closet and Geoană the Prostănacul

English Section / 14 martie

Mircea Geoană, Joe Biden, Jens Stoltenberg, Klaua Iohannis

Mircea Geoană, Joe Biden, Jens Stoltenberg, Klaua Iohannis

Versiunea în limba română


President Klaus Iohannis is called "The Closet".

The reasons are obvious, he lives in Cotroceni.

That includes insolence.

It includes the speech au ralenti (corresponding to the slowness of thinking), it includes the anapode accentuation of the words (as if he were reading "on the rolls", at the fourth grade celebration), the vain walks with the First Lady through Africa and the loss of the house in Sibiu that he he had leased to the Austrian bank Raiffeisen (I was going to say Holzindustrie Schweighofer, but these are other Austrian friends of his, busy, however, with clearing forests).

The sale of children appears to have been going on for a long time. Past immorality does not arise, man has the right to rehabilitation.

Only today's immorality is put, and not even that.

Dulapul announced his candidacy for NATO leadership, "on behalf of Romania", as he said.

I mean how "in the name of Romania"?

Let's remember, when we elect our president, he automatically becomes a candidate on behalf of Romania for the leadership of NATO, the World Bank, the IMF, the World Jewish Congress and the Yakuza. Sorin Roşca Stănescu advanced, in yesterday's editorial, the scenario according to which Klaus Iohannis would want to block Mircea Geoană's support from the PSD-PNL alliance, in his candidacy for the presidency of Romania.

Deputy General Secretary of NATO Mircea Geoană is called "Prostănacul".

That includes servanthood.

Includes "Did you like your visit to Sorin Ovidiu Vîntu last night?", includes the impossible loss of Adrian Năstase's presidential bid in 2004, the loss of the Bucharest mayor's office to Sorin Oprescu in 2008 (this man ran away!) and the loss of the presidential bid the following year .

It includes "Mihaela, my love!" and her pink bottoms with which she annually fights breast cancer, as she learned from the Estee Lauder philanthropists (those with the tax evasion organized by Geoana's son, Adrian Sîrbu, on PRO TV).

When there are appointments, the Fool wins, when there are elections, the Fool loses; so when he wins any office, it means that, if apparently there was an election, he was actually appointed.

Prostănacul announced that PSD leaders, including Marcel Ciolacu, proposed him to run independently for the Presidency of Romania, with PSD's support.

Could it be true that the Closet stands in the way of the Fool?

I think it may even be the other way around - the Cupboard and the Bastard each have something to give and something they want from the other, so it's possible, even likely, that they're making some sort of barter, na Cotrocenii, na NATO!

What does the Closet have to offer?

He has to step aside.


Like any furniture.

What does the Fool have to offer?

This is more complicated.

It seems that he is supported by a complex of relations with the international Jewish community (without which his appointment to NATO would be inexplicable), relations inherited from his father - Ceauşescu's general Ioan Geoană (died in 2009) -, who negotiated the price of 30,000 dollars, to be collected by the Romanian State, per Jew it allows to emigrate to the Holy Land.

So the selling of Jews preceded the selling of children.

Every person has the right to rehabilitation.

In his memoirs published under the title "Between the lines", the famous graphic artist Eugen Mihăescu writes: "I am convinced that General Geoană [...] invited the Jewish emissaries to his home, to the table and there, I have no doubt, they met the teenager Mircea. And look how chance brings answers to all mysteries: the brilliant political career of this insipid young man [...]".

Godfathers Mihaela and Mircea Geoană tried, through their prison sentence Adrian Sîrbu, to cling to the trailer of Ronald Lauder (owner of PRO TV, at that time) - in a way, the most important Jew in the world (of a certain bill, not very bright even in business), president of seven American and international Jewish organizations, including president of the World Jewish Congress.

Is this plot possible, in which the Fool loads the Closet into NATO?

I suspect that if the Fool guarantees the servitude of the Closet, then the scenario becomes plausible.


What could happen?

The world as a wide Romania.


I defeated!

Bad luck!

Thank you!

Post Scriptum

This idea that there would be a power of some Jews, going so far as to choose who should lead NATO is, of course, of anti-Semitic origin.

Even if it were true, it is unacceptable and must be rejected as such as an idea as well as a possible reality.

On the other hand, the scenario of a collaboration between Iohannis and Geoana remains valid, even in the absence of the capacity of Geoana and/or a his eventual supporters to influence the appointment of the head of NATO.

In the end, the fact that he is in office at NATO is enough for him.

To those who think that it would be a source of pride to have Iohannis as the head of NATO, I recommend that they reevaluate their attitude, in the light of the following information: Klaus Iohannis, as president of the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania, lashed out in written, in documents submitted to the court, that the organization he leads is a continuation of the fascist organization Deutsche Volksgruppe.

It would be relatively strange for a follower of fascism to be supported by any category of Jews, but, who knows, God has a big garden.