THE GREAT RESET Stupidity? Possibly. Knavery? Probably. Danger? Definitely!

RADU SÂRBU (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
English Section / 4 mai 2021

Stupidity? Possibly. Knavery? Probably. Danger? Definitely!
RADU SÂRBU (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)

History only covers a little over 5000 years in the evolution of the world. Slow at first, it has picked up pace to a dizzying speed, and the major changes are no longer taking place over a man's lifetime, but in just a few decades, and dropping. Living standards are improving at the same speed. Naturally, as long as the apostles of shortcuts don't intervene, such as Marx, Engels and Lenin or like what looks to be today Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive director of the World Economic Forum (WEF) NGO.

He has proved to be capable of getting the political and financial elites of the world to listen to him, and through them he is trying to implement his Utopian project: stakeholder capitalism. It is not just an industrial revolution, but a new type of social contract: individuals deprived of freedom, so a society where democracy is gone, a world where technology and robots replace people, a world of digital money and surveillance via technology, under the control of authoritarian governments, installed by the globalist governments.

It is the last step on the path started with political correctness and continued wit the Black Lives Matter hysteria.

We, who have lived in the "multilaterally developed socialist society" and whose final stage, the communist society gracious God saved us from, are left mouth agape when we find that:

- In a promotional movie, the World Economic Forum predicts that people will no longer own anything, and goods will either be free of charge, or will have to be borrowed from the state.

- the European parliament imposes upon politicians and officials a new lexicon, which prohibits words such as "mother and father", "gay", "trans" or "lesbian". It is prohibited to speak about "homosexual marriage"; the new name is "egalitarian marriage"; it is incorrect to speak about "homosexual rights", now we need to say "fair and equal treatment"; we can no longer speak about "biological gender", but of "gender attributed at birth"; rather than "sex change", we need to say "gender transition"; the words "father" and "mother" need to be replaced with "parents". Orwell's book "1984" is becoming reality. Not in a dictatorship like North Korea, but in the European Union.

- Attempts to "deconstruct" mathematics, to deny its objectivity, to accuse it of racial bias and to infuse it with a political ideology have become increasingly common. This phenomenon is part of what has been called "The Great Awakening".

The educational program "a path to equitable mathematic training", financially backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, seeks to "dismantle racism present in mathematical training".

The Department of Education in the American state of Oregon is fighting white supremacy through "ethnomathematics", promoting the course "The Path to Equity in Mathematics", which trains high-school teachers concerning the use of a toolkit meant to "dismantle racism in mathematics". One of the items in the toolkit is a list about the ways in which "white supremacists culture" allegedly "infiltrated math classes", among them being "emphasis on getting the correct answer" or "the request that students show their homework". A manual, called "Dismantling racism", from the course's toolkit, describes "objectivity" as being "the belief tha there is a neutral objectivity, which is a characteristic of Western supremacy".

- Employees of the Coca-Cola company are being trained about "how to be less white, less arrogant, less sure of themselves, less defensive, less ignorant and more humble". The anti-racism training programs have become a controversial subject in the US after the killing of George Floyd.

- The fight against racism is taking on racist forms. America, which was the defender of democracy and freedoms, is today the scene of a cultural purification that is taking on brainwashing characteristics. European culture is being challenged, as a "white" culture, Shakespeare and Beethoven are being eliminated. The new generation of Anglo-Saxon teachers sees Shakespeare not as a culmination of universal literature, but as an instrument of imperialist oppression, an author that should be dissected in class or removed from the curriculum altogether. "It is about white supremacy and colonialism," says teachers who have founded #DisruptTexts, a group that wants to remove some of the pillars of Western literature from the school curriculum or subject them to vicious criticism.

- The Oxford conservatory bans "the colonialist and white supremacist music of Beethoven and Mozart.

In "Aida" by Verdi, recently played in Paris, on a major European stage, the faces of Ethiopian slaves were no longer painted black: it is considered a racist insult. 150 years ago, at the Opera Thater of Cairo happened the first showing of "Aida" by Giuseppe Verdi. It was presented during the festivities concerning the completion of the Suez Canal works. Nowadays, through "political correctness", "Aida" has been placed against the wall and stoned to death: it is an opera which glorifies colonialism and "sexism".

- In 2022, the direction of the Vienna opera will be taken over by Lotte de Beer, a fanatical supporter of political correctness. She has already said that "Aida" is on the black list, because it "cancels culture, in its politically correct sense", but she won't remove it from the repertoire. It will probably be twisted to such a degree, that Radames will become George Floyd, and the pharaoh and the high priest, that convict him, will be wearing American policemen suits.

- The new director of the Paris opera, Alexander Neef, has announced the creation of a "diversity office", led by a Senegalese, who filter the repertoire based on the criteria of political correctness.

Not even communists censored mathematics and opera!

- Disney has withdrawn three animation movies, Peter Pan, Dumbo and the Aristocats, because they do not "fit" the new criteria. It is the latest "brainwave" of the import of Neomarxism from across the pond. It seems that the threat is no longer coming from the East: the Bolshevik revolution is called Black Lives Matter and Lenin is called George Floyd.

And examples could go on and on...

The increasingly visible Bill Gates is proposing that we stop eating meat because cow's farts are responsible for half of the deterioration of the ozone layer.

Minorities, racism, sexism, global warming, the pandemic are diversions, obsessively discussed by the mainstream media. Probably to divert our attention from what is really being sought: the great reset. The true protagonists, Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset are becoming more visible.

The censoring of the US antiglobalist president by Amazon, YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twiter and his replacement, in a disputed election, with someone who has incorporated in his electoral platform Klaus Schwab's utopias are factors that are susceptible to cause alarm. That alarm should turn into panic when hearing the news that president Joe Biden has already created a commission of experts to "reform" / subordinate to the executive power the US Supreme Court, one of the most powerful institutions in the country, with a key role in the balancing of powers in the US.

If that's how he plans to fulfill the rest of his electoral promises, the Great Reset will begin in the US, and from there it will cross over, into a Europe that is vulnerable, and not just that, but especially because it is lacking in marquee politicians.

The West has been what it was because of its Christian roots and the subsequent moral standards. Nevertheless, the constitution of the European Union does not mention the word Christian. The distancing from faith has led to moral collapse. EVERYTHING that is happening nowadays in the world is against the West and in fact against Christianity. The Western civilization is under siege, and the attackers aren't Russia, China or Islam, but they come from within.


I think we should remember WHO we are and how we got here. So we can stop blaming ourselves!

I want to present to you a few excerpts from two books that are relevant when it comes to the evolution of the West:

History professor at Harvard University and Senior Research Fellow at Oxford University, Niall Ferguson published in 2011 a book, called Civilization. The West and the Rest, in which he states and argues six circumstances that "have allowed a human minority, from the Western end of Eurasia, to dominate the world for 500 years: competition, science, right of ownership, medicine, consumerist society and work ethic" and defines them as follows:

"1. Competition - a decentralization of the political and economic life, which created the launching ground for both nations and capitalism.

2. Science - a way of studying, understanding, and ultimately changing the natural world, which has given the West (among others) a great military advantage over the Rest.

3. The ownership right - the rule of law as a means of protecting private owners and peacefully solve disputes between them, which has formed the foundation of the most stable forms of representative governance.

4. Medicine - a branch of science that has allowed great improvement in health and life expectancy, first in Western countries, but also in their colonies.

5. Consumer society - a way of material existence in which the production and purchase of clothing and other consumer goods plays a central economic role and without which the industrial revolution would not have lasted.

6. Work Ethics - a moral framework and a manner of behavior, derived from Christianity, which puts together the dynamic and potentially unstable society created by applications 1,2,3,4 and 5".

Starting from the above, the West has developed and prospered more than anybody, and ended up dominating the whole world.

About The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, published by Max Weber in 1904, it is said that it is not a book; is a legend. Although it has been over 80 years since his death, Max Weber is considered one of the great contemporary thinkers, and some scholars consider him the greatest sociologist of all time. Here are the premises that Max Weber starts off from in his essay:

"Highly refined knowledge and observation have existed elsewhere as well, particularly in India, China, Babylon and Egypt. But in Babylon and elsewhere, astronomy was missing the mathematical foundation, which it first of all got from the Greeks, which makes its development even more surprising. (...) Indian natural sciences did not know the experimental method, which has essentially been a product of the Renaissance. For that reason, especially in India, medicine, even though extremely developed as an empyrical technique, has not had a biological, and especially biochemical foundation. (...) In China, historical knowledge, particularly evolved, did not know Thucydides' methods. (...) A structure of canonical law is only known in the West.

A similar statement is valid when it comes to art. Perhaps other people's sense of music has been even more developed than ours, certainly no less. Polyphonic music of various kinds has been widespread across the world. But rational, harmonious, music, both the counterpoint, as well as harmony, the orchestra, starting with the string quartet at its core and the organization of the wind instruments, the bass, the note system, which has made possible the composition and interpretation of modern musical works, the sonatas, symphonies, operas and finally as means for their playing, the fundamental instruments, the organ, the piano, the violin, etc, all of those things are only known in the West.

In architecture, the ogival arch may have been used in other regions as decorative elements, but the rational use of the gothic ceiling, as a means of redistributing pressure, as construction principle of the major monumental buildings and as a foundation of a style extended to sculpture and painting, like has been done in the Middle Ages, has never existed anywhere else. The technical foundation of our architecture came from the East, but the East never found the solution to the dome problem nor that type of classical rationalization of every art form - in painting, through the rational use of lines and through spatial perspective - which the Renaissance has created for us.

The printing press has existed in China, but printed literature, conceived specifically to be printed and possible only through its existence, and above all, the press and the periodicals, have only happened in the West.

Higher education institutions have existed in China and the Islamic world of every kind, some even similar on the surface to our universities or at least our academies. But a rational, systematized and specialized scientific research, with trained and specialized staff, has only existed in the West.

That is all the more true where trained official clerks are concerned, the pillar of the modern state in the West. Of course, the official clerk, even the specialized one, has become a component of most societies since ancient times. But no country, in any age, has not lived the experience of total dependence on the existence of this body, like the modern West has".

Quod erat demonstrandum!

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