The "National Memory" project, appreciated by the Minister of Culture

English Section / 28 septembrie

Photo source: facebook / Raluca Turcan

Photo source: facebook / Raluca Turcan

Versiunea în limba română

The issue of disorganized funds held by the National Library of Romania, tons of books that can be reintroduced into circulation within the "National Memory" project, was discussed by experts in the field and was also addressed by Raluca Turcan, the Minister of Culture. Turcan stated, "I appreciate the efforts that the National Library has made, from the start of the project until today, in cleaning up 11 tons of disorganized collections, and I believe it is essential for this project to achieve its purpose because we are talking about over 4.4 million bibliographic units made available to the public and the valorization of an important written heritage." Turcan emphasized that the Ministry of Culture supports the initiative of the National Library of Romania: "Access to culture is one of our top priorities, and the National Library plays an essential role in this regard. That's why I join Mr. Adrian Cioroianu's efforts to generate solidarity around this project, which could connect significant resources in society toward such an important goal for us and for future generations."

The Minister mentioned that there are many examples of important cultural projects that have come to fruition and achieved their goals precisely because they have concentrated the efforts of all significant segments of society: local and central authorities, cultural institutions, the private sector, and media organizations. "The partnerships that are already in place around the project for the recovery of the national written heritage carried out by the National Library are a necessary first step towards achieving the proposed objectives, and we are grateful to the people and organizations involved in the project." Turcan stated that the goal is to digitize Romania's cultural heritage, and the National Library was one of the institutions included in this project.