Musical events, "complicated" by medical issues

Musical events, "complicated" by medical issues

O.D.English Section / 21 februarie

Classical music lovers must be patient, after the main events of the beginning of the year have been postponed. The concerts in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest by tenor Placido Domingo, scheduled to take place on February 23 and 26, will be...

Project: Tribute wine collection

Project: Tribute wine collection

O.D.English Section / 21 februarie

Lovers of Brâncuşi's work can, from this month, also put their taste buds to work, not just their sight and sense of touch. The wine "Brâncusi', a limited edition, only 1,890 bottles, representing the kilometers traveled by the...

Source: facebook / Biblioteca Metropolitana Bucuresti

Libraries will go underground

O.D.English Section / 19 februarie

Libraries will go underground, literally, otherwise, it is known that in our country people read less and less. Travelers transiting the Piaţa Unirii metro station will have at their disposal a shelf full of books, respectively an initial book...

Cultural digitization: Funds of 45 million euros

Cultural digitization: Funds of 45 million euros

O.D.English Section / 6 februarie

European funds in the amount of 45 million euros will be used for digitization in the cultural field, from everything that means approval, authorization, certification of interventions in the construction of heritage buildings, respectively of...

Corrigendum to racism

Corrigendum to racism

Dan NicolaieEnglish Section / 6 februarie

Dan Nicolaie

People who gravitate around domestic sports have given the corrigendum to racism and common sense in the last two days. He failed brilliantly on all levels, from the understanding of the phenomenon to the explanations intended to accuse or excuse.

 Alexander Pitchka, General Manager JTI România, Moldova şi Bulgaria

JTI România, Top Employer pentru a 11-a oară consecutiv

F.D.Companii / 25 ianuarie

JTI România este Top Employer (Angajator de Top) pentru a 11-a oară consecutiv, certificarea fiind primită după o analiză aprofundată realizată de Institutul Top Employers. Evaluarea a luat în calcul peste 20 de criterii, printre care leadership,...

Minister of Culture, Raluca Turcan

New Headquarters for the Opera in Iaşi

O.D.English Section / 22 ianuarie

Investments in cultural infrastructure are a priority for the current minister's mandate. The Romanian National Opera in Iaşi will have a new headquarters, as the institution will receive ownership of a 9,510 sqm plot, announced the Minister...

Craiova National Theatre on Tour in Madrid

Craiova National Theatre on Tour in Madrid

O.D.English Section / 18 ianuarie

Until January 21, actors from the National Theatre "Marin Sorescu" in Craiova are on tour in Madrid, where they have been invited by Teatros del Canal, one of the most prestigious theater institutions in Spain, part of the...

Photo source: facebook / colectiefarmacluj

The Pharmacy Museum in Cluj-Napoca Reopens

O.D.English Section / 17 ianuarie

Pharmacies and medicines are part of our lives, sometimes more than we desire or would recommend. Therefore, it's no wonder that there is a dedicated museum. The Pharmacy Museum in Cluj-Napoca has reopened to the public, having been closed...

Culture Day: Monuments of ancient culture at MNIR

Culture Day: Monuments of ancient culture at MNIR

O.D.English Section / 12 ianuarie

The first writings of the native culture are accessible to the public in the following days. The National History Museum of Romania opens, on January 15, the National Culture Day, the thematic exhibition "Monuments of ancient culture and the...

Photo source: facebook/Raluca Turcan

Ministry Promises Fair Wages in the Cultural Field

O.D.English Section / 11 ianuarie

Discussions between cultural trade unions and authorities seem to be constructive. Minister Raluca Turcan announced that by the end of January, evaluations and simulations will take place to develop the necessary legislative proposals and ensure...

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