THE PARADOX OF THE FIGHT FOR THE FREEDOM OF EXPRESSIONA caricaturist from Charlie Hebdo: "We feel like throwing up on those who have become our friends all of a sudden"

G.R. (translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 15 ianuarie 2015

A caricaturist from Charlie Hebdo: "We feel like throwing up on those who have become our friends all of a sudden"

A man got 4 years of prison for a drunken speech supporting the attacks in Paris

Former US official: "The terrorist attacks in Paris - an operation of the American secret services"

The French government will send the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier to the Middle East

The global wave of support for Charlie Hebdo, also comes from people who have never seen the magazine, said Bernard (Willem) Holtrop, a caricaturist with the magazine. "The fact that the Pope and Queen Elizabeth the 2nd of Great Britain have expressed their support for Charlie Hebdo really makes me laugh", Willem further said, who wasn't in the editorial office at the time of the massacre, because he doesn't like meetings, according to The New York Daily News.

"We feel like throwing up on all these people who all of a sudden are saying that they are our friends", said Bernard (Willem) Holtrop, for the Dutch daily Volkskrant.

Of Dutch origin, Willem explained that the magazine has "new unexpected friends" after last week's attacks: the Pope, the UK's Queen Elizabeth the Second and Russian president Vladimir Putin, among others. "It actually makes me laugh. A few years ago, several thousand people took to the streets of Pakistan to protest against Charlie Hebdo. They didn't know what it was. Now it's the other way around", the caricaturist said.

A man got four years in prison for a drunken speech in defense of the attacks in Paris

The fight against terrorism goes all-out in France, with the authorities paradoxically acting precisely against the freedom of speech after last week's attempts.

By yesterday afternoon, 54 people had been arrested on claims of "having glorified or defended" terrorism.

According to Associated Press, a man from northern France was sentenced to no less than four years in prison for what was apparently a drunken speech in support of the attacks in Paris. An aggravating factor was the fact that the man in question opposed arrest.

Controversial French humorist Dieudonne was placed yesterday under preventive arrest by the Paris police, as part of an investigation concerning the support of terrorism. On Monday, the French judicial system launched an investigation after Dieudonne said he was "Charlie Coulibaly", a nickname created by joining the name of Charlie Hebdo and that of Muslim Amedy Coulibaly, who killed four Jews in a Paris store.

In a statement on Facebook, which was subsequently deleted, Dieudonne said that he had attended the march in Paris in memory of the victims, which was held on Sunday, but he ridiculed the protest, which he called "a magic moment similar to the Big Bang".

"You know what, as far as I'm concerned, tonight I feel Charlie Coulibaly", he added, according to a quote by Mediafax.

A fan of pushing the envelope, Dieudonne has already been convicted by the French courts for anti-Semitic statements. In September 2014, he ridiculed the decapitation of American journalist James Foley by fundamentalist organization The Islamic State. At the time, the French authorities also began an investigation concerning the "apology of terrorism".

In a video recording of 2010, the humorist called for the release of Youssouf Fofana, convicted for killing Ilan Halimi, a young Jew who was kidnapped, and tortured in France, in 2006. Investigated for that recording, he was released in the beginning of February 2014 but he will attend the appeal on Thursday for the civil part of the lawsuit.

Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala has drawn the attention of the government since the end of 2013, and the courts have banned several of his shows.

Former White House official, associated editor of the Wall Street Journal: "France has the statute of a vassal of the USA"

The terrorist attacks in Paris have represented an operation of the American secret services, according to a former White House official, intended to "ensure France's state as a vassal of the United States".

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant to the US Treasury Secretary in the Reagan administration and associate editor of Wall Street, made these statements in an article published on his website, discussed by Russia Today.

"Remember all the situations created by the FBI to turn terrorist threats to Americans into reality Americans", Roberts writes, in support of his claim. He says that the French economy is suffering because of the sanctions that the USA has imposed on Russia: "The shipyards are heavily affected, because they are not allowed to deliver their manufactured orders to Russia, and that's only because of the statute of vassal that France has nowadays before the United States". And according to Dr. Roberts, the others states are in a similar situation, being NATO "puppets".

The former official reminds that in the beginning of this week, Hollande claimed the need for the sanctions imposed on Russia to be lifted. Which would have meant "more independence shown by France than Washington could bear".

French president Francois Hollande yesterday announced that France would send the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier in the Middle East, for a tight cooperation with the anti-ISIS operation coordinated by the US. The president further said that "the situation justifies the presence of a French aircraft carrier" in support of the forces committed in the war with the Jihadists.


"The mass-media is paid by the secret services, particularly by the CIA"

Dr.Udo Ulfkotte, a journalist with prestigious daily "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung", recently outed himself ( and publicly acknowledged that he has been paid by the Western and US secret services to (especially the CIA), to lie and manipulate people.

Dr. Ulfkotte claims that he has been trained to lie, to deceive and to hide the truth from the public. "Seeing now, over the last month, how the German and the American mass-media is trying to induce the fear of war in the European public, I think it has already come too far. I've realized that I wasn't doing good in the past, by manipulating and creating propaganda against Russia, like some of my colleagues have done. And that is just because they are being bribed and they betray the people, not just in Germany, but all over Europe as well".

The journalist is worried over the possibility of a new war, because in his opinion, such a war does not start by itself, rather there are people who propagate it. "We are living in a banana republic, and not in a democratic country, where we have the freedom of the press and human rights", Udo Ulfkotte further says.

His revelations continue: "I was made an honorary citizen of the state of Oklahoma. Why? Because I wrote for America. I was supported by the CIA. Why? Because I was pro-American. But I've had enough, pure and simple ... I don't want to do it anymore! So I wrote a book (not for the money, because it has caused me a lot of problems), but for the people, to give them a piece of the truth about what is happening behind closed doors.

There are plenty of examples ... If we go back to the archives, in March 1988, in Iraq, we are told about the Kurds that were allegedly killed with lethal gas by the regime of Saddam Hussein. But, in July 1988, I was sent to the city of Zubeidat, located on the border between Iran and Iraq, countries which were at war at the time, to photograph how the Iranians were intoxicated with German chemical gas (< Mustard gas >). When I got back to Germany, only one small photo was published, in < Frankfurter Allgemeine > and a small article. This was just one of the situations where I felt I've been used, without the possibility to < yell out > what my country has done ... behind closed doors.

You ask me what I've done for the secret services? Journalists claim that they are just journalists, but a large part of them (us) are "unofficially undercover". That's what I used to be. That means you work for an intelligence service, that you help them if they want you to, but if you are outed, the service will never acknowledge that "you were our agent". I've worked for prestigious newspapers, like "Frankfurter Allgemeine", and I've been bribed by the Americans not to tell the truth. I would even wonder what would have happened had I written a pro-Russian article in < Frankfurter Allgemeine >? I don't know, I've been told to write articles that were pro-European, pro-American.

Germany is, for the most part, a colony of the United States. So, even though most of our citizens don't want our country to host nuclear missiles, we still have American nuclear weapons. And, being an US colony, it is very easy to approach the young journalists, through the transatlantic organizations, and it has come to having all the respected journalists in the German mass-media being members of these transatlantic organizations! Nobody comes and tells you < we're from the CIA, would you like to work for us? >. Through these transatlantic organizations, they invite you to visit the US, they pay for all your expenses - they bribe you. They know how to create connection, they become your friends, and then they ask you < < can you do this, can you do that > >?

Don't think that these < unofficial undercover agents > are only found among German journalists. The same happens with the British ones (because they have a tighter relation with the American ones), with Israeli journalists, some of the French ones, those in Australia, New Zealand, in the Arab countries (Jordan or Oman, for example)".

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