The theory of group rape: with citizens being the ones getting raped, as a group

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The theory of group rape: with citizens being the ones getting raped, as a group

Monica Melencu, mother of Luiza Melencu (victim of Gheorghe Dincă, in the Caracal case), has been fined 5,000 lei for once again refusing to allow the taking of DNA samples, which she has been ordered to do by court ruling; scared by the fine and by the special forces soldiers, she caved.

President Klaus Iohannis is asking for the immediate resignation of DIICOT chief Felix Bănilă, following the harsh manner in which the victim's mother has been treated.

Felix Bănilă says that he won't hand in his resignation "as an expression of a simple instinctual reaction", but only "as a result of an ample cognitive process" (meaning he will consult with his colleagues) - of course, Bănilă is one smart cookie.

The Caracal case already has a ton of misunderstandings and not an iota of understanding.

Luiza's case had already been buried, it has been unburied by the similar case of Alexandra, which surfaced after several months of complete inactivity of the Police.

Nobody understands how the 112 emergency hotline cut off the frightened victim, asking her to end the call; how then, it called the victim nine times, after the victim said the criminal was coming back; how the police, after having enough information to find the location, were still unable to find the house which the victim had been confined in; how a prosecutor and eight policemen could just stand by for six hours, without doing anything, in front of the home where they knew a girl was being raped.

Nobody understands why the investigation procedures have been violated - granting permission to a cop who was not part of the investigation team to get in touch with the alleged criminal, the compromising of the test for the recognition of the victims' portrait by the alleged criminal, the contamination of the field being investigated.

Nobody understands why the investigators aren't asking of everyone that could have ties to the Caracal case, the investigation of all the plausible leads, investigating the local clans involved in prostitution and human trafficking.

Nobody understands why the SRI doesn't supply to its legally entitled recipients - the Presidency, Government - the information it owns.

Nobody understands if the INML has delivered us incontestable results or simple inventions.

Nobody understands what is the right of the FBI to interfere in the investigation of the Caracal case; nobody understands on what basis does a county court of the Oltenia region rules that Monica Melencu is required to provide DNA samples, at the request of the FBI; nobody understands how the DNA samples that have already been taken were destroyed.

Nobody understands why, two months later, we're still at the same stage, that we were at the night before the rape.

I suggest a key to help us understand the Caracal case.

On July 31st, the authorities opened a criminal case against the policemen which they say sat in front of Dincă's house, without doing anything, even though they knew that inside, a minor was getting raped.

It's been two months since then.

August and September.

Since now, after two months, we have no results (not even in this simple case), I have the freedom to make any kinds of plausible speculations.

I don't believe that the policemen just spent six hours of their night in front of a fence without doing anything.

Since back when the policemen were militias, they have never been considered as extremely spiritual creatures, but, rather most frequently, under the empire of "instinctual reflexes", rather than agents of "ample cognitive processes".

Therefore, I can't believe that they would just sit still for six years.

The pub was closed.

It was pointless to sit in front of the fence and, at most, smoke.

They could go home.

They would just leave the dumbest of them to sit there for six hours and they would return at six.

But apparently, they didn't.

They just sat there, for some bizarre reason.

In short, I think that the plausible explanation is that they went inside and participated in the rape.

One by one, or together.

Including the young prosecutor.

They may have been older clients of Dincă.

I have no way of knowing that that is the truth.

But when we accept something like that, even though they are beyond our moral limits, it is still likely, because all those things we do not understand are beyond our moral limits; so, the moment we accept the likelihood of those hypotheses, everything that used to be incomprehensible or becomes explicable.

That load of incomprehensible things pertaining to Caracal disappears and we understand everything.

Prostitution and human trafficking are very profitable businesses, and they are immune to economic crises.

The police and the judicial system are complicit in the business, providing protection to the criminals.

Politicians, who provide protection to the policemen and the judges, get their cut, which they use to cover the money they spent to enter the lists of the parties in the parliamentary elections.

The business of sexual exploitation of minors, prostitution and human trafficking is so good, that the whole hierarchy - rapists, criminals and traffickers, policemen, politicians and parties make a lot of money.

All the bastards who explained to Monica Melencu the fact that she can't oppose a court ruling and that she needs to respect THE LAW.

The victim's mother does not respect the LAW!

Monica Melencu said that she didn't want to allow the sampling of DNA, because she was afraid that the police would use her DNA to smear some bones, would declare that they found her daughter's DNA on them and would then declare dead and close the case.

What she said is that in reality, police is the active opponent of the truth.

The police is attacking citizens.

The victim's mother is treating the police like an enemy force, which is an accomplice to murder.

Personally, I can't say the same, but it seems plausible.

And if it is plausible, then Monica Melencu was right to refuse the application of the court ruling.

It is enough to be plausible for her to already be right.

It doesn't have to be true.

Somebody explained to the Melencu family the fact that the samples will be analyzed by the FBI.


You mean the Federal Bureau of Investigation?

Why not the British Serious Organised Crime Agency?

What the hell is the FBI doing in Caracal?

Who called them in?!

The victim's grandfather has explained to us how the FBI ended up getting involved in the Caracal case - he said that he didn't agree to the taking of samples by the FBI, because the Americans are an involved party in the case, through their soldiers of Deveselu, who are the beneficiaries of the underage girls trafficking in Caracal.

If Luiza is still alive, her grandfather and mother have tried to protect her.

As much as they could.

They have been defeated with the SWAT and a fine too heavy for their financial means.

The Romanian government is at war with the victims and the parents who want to help their daughter.

Nobody understands why, two months later, we're still at the same stage, that we were at the night before the rape.

Everybody understands that we are going to be raped tomorrow as well.

Besides, the prosecutor investigated for the complete lack of reaction of the cops sitting in front of Dincă's house has asked to be hired back as a prosecutor.

We are going to be raped again and again.

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