George Floyd
Snapchat a blocat permanent contul lui Trump

Snapchat a blocat permanent contul lui Trump

A.P.Internaţional / 14 ianuarie

Snapchat a decis să blocheze permanent contul lui Donald Trump citând "interesul siguranţei publice" şi se alătură astfel numeroaselor platforme care au interzis acesul preşedintelui în urma violenţelor din 6 ianuarie de la Capitoliu,...

The statue of Christopher Columbus in Minnesota, a symbol of the new world, was torn down on June 10th by a group of protesters led by the American Indian Movement, amid the anger over the killing of George Floyd, a black man, by a policeman.Protesters threw a rope against the bronze statue and have brought it down from its stone socket, saying they viewed Columbus as a symbol of genocide against American natives. Once brought down, protesters sang and danced around it, in a dramatic show of defiance against a significant in America's recent history whose reputation is now associated with the assassination and enslavement of indigenous peoples. Their gestures send a direct message: "Good bye, White America!"

REPORT FROM THE U.S.Goodbye, America!

DOREL NĂSUI (TRANSLATED BY COSMIN GHIDOVEANU)English Section / 12 noiembrie 2020


Nothing is made to last forever. Not even great empires. History has its own specific way of beibg written, based on causal events, as well as random ones, so that the future cannot be predicted only based on past developments.

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