Kingdom of God on Earth
Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) - "Melencolia I" (1514)

Aversion to Rationality

MAKEEnglish Section / 27 decembrie 2023


The communication between God and Moses on Mount Sinai is such a powerful narrative in the Holy Book that the subsequent fusion of revelation and reason - a process explored in earlier episodes of this essay - fades into the background, even...

Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) - "La Primavera" (circa 1480)

The Search for the Concept of the Kingdom of God

MAKEEnglish Section / 25 decembrie 2023


As the author of this essay, I take responsibility for the choices and processing that lead to the presented concept of the "Kingdom of God." I will use first-person writing to avoid any confusion with expressions of established exegesis....

The Kingdom of God on Earth

The Kingdom of God on Earth

MAKEEnglish Section / 18 decembrie 2023


The texts of this series of episodes are part of the last of the three parts of the book titled "The Kingdom of God on Earth," which I am planning to publish. The first part was published in BURSA in eight episodes (April 9-18, see...

Împărăţia lui Dumnezeu pe Pământ

Împărăţia lui Dumnezeu pe Pământ

MAKECultură / 18 decembrie 2023


Textele acestei serii de episoade fac parte din ultima dintre cele trei părţi ale cărţii cu titlul "Împărăţia lui Dumnezeu pe Pământ", pe care urmează să o tipăresc. Prima parte am publicat-o în BURSA în opt episoade (9-18 aprilie, vezi...

God's fingerprint - Appendix 1

MAKEEnglish Section / 17 aprilie 2023


The wave effect - like circular waves of water stirred around the center where a stone has fallen - is found as an invariant in the way the Jews thought about the creation of the universe, in the way they understand the Tanakh/Old Testament...

Il Sfumato of the New Testament

MAKEEnglish Section / 16 aprilie 2023


Backward is Pharisaism and Saul of Tarsus, forward is the Apostle Paul and Christianity, and in the middle is Revelation, as he himself assures us; and/or the deviation from Pharisaism, incorporating Hellenism, as one might observe.

The smallest in the Kingdom of Heaven: Hillel

MAKEEnglish Section / 10 aprilie 2023


The emancipation in relations with God pursued in the background of this essay is accompanied by a complementary process of recession of sacredness, as Sforno (1) argues, without specifying that the basis of his statement is legendary:...

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