Dozens of dead after getting Covid-19; a report from Norway dims the hope

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Dozens of dead after getting Covid-19; a report from Norway dims the hope

A world scandal has arisen around the Pfizer vaccine and its safety, due to the fact that Norwegian official have declared that 29 people have died after the first vaccine dose.

While the Australian authorities are asking for more information on the Pfizer vaccine, health experts in Wuhan (China) have asked Norway and other countries to suspend the use of COVID-vaccines based on ARNm made by companies such as Pfizer, especially among the elderly, Zerohedge reports. China has criticized the US mass-media of the US for its silence concerning the silence on the deaths that occurred in Norway following the vaccination with Pfizer-BioNTech. The press in the US and the UK has minimalized the number of deaths in the countries in question, but conversely, the mass-media in the Weest will immediately publish any unfavorable information about the vaccines made in China and will try to amplify the mistakes, Global Times writes.

Pfizer officials claim that they have found out about the situation in Norway and that, together with BioNTech and with the representatives of the Norwegian Public Health Institute, they are investigating the cases of deaths correlated with the anti-COVID vaccine. "So far, the number of incidents associated with the vaccine is not a cause for concern", the public health institutions in Norway state, according to the foreign media. "We know that several such cases have been reported in other countries, but we do not yet have details about those", the representatives of the Norwegian Drug Agency said. "Vaccination campaigns in other countries have different priorities, depending on which categories of people are vaccinated, which can affect the reporting of side effects or even deaths".

Romania has over 10 million doses of Pfizer vaccines

In Romania, the second stage of vaccination has started off on the wrong foot on Friday.

The platform developed by STS for scheduling the anti-COVID vaccination crashed immediately after the moment when the second stage of the vaccination campaign was supposed to begin. A day after that incident, Prime Minister Florin Cîţu declared that the specialists were working on the vaccination registration platform. Florin Cîţu declared, on Saturday, after being vaccinated: "We are working on the platform non-stop.

The number of available spots are also determined by the number of vaccines. I want to look at the positive message too: many Romanians want to get vaccinated (...) The problem that I've had or which seemed to be a problem, there was constant talk of how Romanians don't want to get vaccinated. Yesterday (Friday) it was very clear that Romanians want to get vaccinated. It is our duty and we will do our best to provide the vaccines (...) We have overcome the most important moment, that Romanians do not want to be vaccinated. It is the most important thing. They want to be vaccinated and we will guarantee them that possibility".

During the second stage of the national vaccination strategy, 5 million people aged over 65 are going to be vaccinated, people with chronic diseases, as well as over 1 million employees in essential areas of the economy. According to data made available to the CNCAV by the National Institute of Public Health, through the National Electronic Vaccination Registry (RENV), which tracks the vaccinations, from the beginning of the vaccination campaign and until Saturday at 17:00, 196,090 people had been vaccinated. In the 24 hours between January 15 and January 16, 17:00 12,421 people had been vaccinated. The number of adverse reactions recorded at the level of the vaccination centers (starting with December 27, 2020 and until Saturday, 17:00) was 712, of which 279 local reactions with a sore injection spot and 433 general reactions (fever, headaches, myalgias, arthralgias, asthenias, rash-like allergies).

In the second stage of the national vaccination strategy, 5 million people over the age of 65, people with chronic diseases, but also over a million employees in key areas of economic activity will be immunized. According to the data made available to CNCAV by the National Institute of Public Health, through the application of the National Electronic Register of Vaccinations (RENV), which keeps records of vaccinations, from the beginning of the vaccination campaign until Saturday at 17, 196,090 were vaccinated. people. In the 24 hours between January 15, 5 pm and January 16, at 5 pm, 12,421 people had been vaccinated. The number of adverse reactions recorded at the vaccination centers (from 27 December 2020 to 5 pm on Saturday) was 712, of which 279 local reactions with pain at the injection site and 433 general reactions (fever, headache, myalgias, arthralgia, asthenia, urticaria allergies).

Romania has secured over 10 million doses of vaccination as part of the contract signed by the European Commission with Pfizer-BioNTtech.

36% of Romanians - looking to vaccinate against Covid-19

According to a poll by Reveal Marketing Research, 36% of Romanians are looking to get vaccinated right away, while 26% want to wait and 38% of Romanians are saying they won't get vaccinated. Just 24% of people in the rural areas said that they would get vaccinated, while in the urban areas, 45% of respondents are in favor of getting vaccinated immediately. Almost half of pensioners, when asked if they would get vaccinated as soon as possible, responded they would. On the other hand, youngsters, even though they have said they would get vaccinated, say that they would prefer to wait a while. 53% of those getting vaccinated claim that they do it to avoid getting sick, and 47% say they would do it to protect others. Another reason for getting vaccinated is out of the desire to go back to normal. 42% of the respondents say they are getting vaccinated to be able to travel again, to go on holiday or to spend their time with friends or other members of their families. Out of those who do not intend to get vaccinated, more than half (54%) claim that the vaccine has not been sufficiently tested.

PROFESSOR STREINU-CERCEL: "There is no correlation between these deaths and the vaccine"

There is no direct correlation between the deaths recorded in Norway and the Pfizer vaccine, says prof. Dr. Adrian Streinu-Cercel. "There are no risks caused by the anti-Covid Pfizer vaccine. Almost 3 million people have gotten vaccinated all over the world and nobody had any problems. There is no direct correlation between what the sufferers experienced and the vaccine that was administered to them. The population should not worry, and become skeptical of what happened in Norway".

DOCTOR MARIUS GEANTĂ: "The Pfizer vaccine should be suspended for the elderly with terminal stage illnesses"

Doctor Marius Geantă, president of the Center for Innovation in Medicine, is of the opinion that the Pfizer vaccine should get suspended for people of any age that have terminal stage illnesses. He said: "Personally, I am waiting for more information, I have not seen any data that proves certain aspects. Right now we can't talk about a causation relationship between the vaccine and the deaths. For now, it is just a correlation, as the people in question have died soon after getting vaccinated. What is relevant in this discussion is that we should see whether the people in question had certain chronic diseases and whether they were at advanced stages of those diseases with a low chance of survival. We need to wait for that information before drawing conclusions. Vaccination should be suspended for certain people, regardless of their age, who have low life expectancy, in the number of weeks. That is an ethical principle which is generally used when it comes to administering drugs. Basically, no treatments are administered to people in their last days or weeks of life".

EMILIAN POPOVICI, vice-president of the Romanian Epidemiological Society: "Events in Norway should not affect negatively the confidence in the vaccine"

The events in Norway should not negatively affect confidence in the safety of the vaccine or the intention to vaccinate the population, according to Emilian Popovici, Vice President of the Romanian Society of Epidemiology, noting that the issues mentioned in the press regarding what happened in Norway concern strictly elderly people with associated serious diseases.

Emilian Popovici told us: "Concerning the issues noted by the Norwegian authorities, concerning the 29 elderly people who died in Norway, I want to mention the following aspects extracted from the Bloomberg press release:

1. None of those people saw immediately after vaccination other side effects than the ones mentioned in the prospectus of the vaccine;

2. There has been a worsening of the course of the underlying disease after vaccination, and it is difficult to pinpoint at this time whether the worsening of the underlying disease in these patients could be or not related to the administering of the vaccine;

3. All of the 29 elderly people had serious conditions associated with adverse events prior to vaccine administration;

4. It remains for the Norwegian authorities to complete the investigations and to announce their conclusions.

In my opinion, the aforementioned aspects, since they strictly concern aged persons with serious associated diseases, should not negatively influence the people's trust in the vaccine nor their intention to get vaccinated".

AFTER SELLING SHARES WORTH 5.6 MILLION SHARES / Pfizer CEO said that he did not get vaccinated nor would he get vaccinated soon

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sold in November, the same day when he has announced a number of positive results of a clinical study concerning the vaccine for Covid-19, shares worth 5.6 million lei, after Pfizer shares rose 15%, following the announcement made by the company concerning the 92% effectiveness of the vaccine. The move made by Bourla was criticized by the market, even though the sale was legal, according to the 10b5-1 trading plan, passed by the company on August 19, 2020.

In addition to the criticism from the investment market, the sale of shares by the director of Pfizer also provoked reactions from the public, considering the movement as "controversial" and fueled the topics of discussion of the so-called "conspiracy theorists".

Aside from the sale of the shares, Albert Bourla once again drew attention when on December 14, 2020, when he said that he did not get vaccinated against COVID-19 and that he would not do so any time soon, saying that"he did not want people in charge of the company to cut in line". Still, Bourla said tha he would get vaccinated as soon as he could.

"I am 59 years old and I am healthy. I am not working on the frontline against the virus, so I am not a member of those categories that needs to get vaccinated now", Bourla said.

He did however say that he was considering thinking about getting vaccinated, to show the faith that he had in the company and in its product. (S.B.)

VAERS: 49 deaths of people vaccinated against Covid -19, reported in the US

49 deaths have also been recorded in the US among people vaccinated against COVID-19, according to data provided by VAERS. Of those, 29 had been vaccinated with the vaccine made by Pfizer-BioNTech, and 20 with the one made by Moderna.

In the case of the 29 deaths of people vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech serum, 15 of them were reported in December 2020, and 14 in January this year. Of those vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine, 4 died in December 2020 and 16 in January this year. VAERS notes that there is no evidence that the reported deaths were due to the vaccine, as they could have been caused by other factors.

Zerohedge, which quotes The Epoch Times, wrote that 55 people have died in the US after the vaccination. According to the quoted source, a spokesperson of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said: "Any reports of deaths following the administration of the vaccines are promptly and rigorously investigated by the FDA and the Center for Disease Control (CDC)". (S.B.)

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