Sima continues his charade, but he isn't fooling anyone anymore

MAKE (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 15 octombrie 2012

Sima continues his charade, but he isn't fooling anyone anymore

It's very likely that he wasn't in Iceland (Reykjavik), but in Romania (Cluj)

Starting with October 5th, a classified ad which stands out has appeared on the internet rentals website

"my name is cristian sima, you can google my name and you will find millions of pages. I am a retired stocks broker 51 y old and i want to rent apartment and car for at least 3 months. I am actually in reykjavik you can call me to show me the apart-ment".

Of course, instead of "I am a retired stocks broker", sima should have said "I am a broke stock broker".

But, since to the man, lying is as easy as breathing, he may not even realize when he is lying and when he isn't.

I have major doubts that Sima is in Iceland, even thought it was demonstrated by his show from Realitatea TV, to which I went on Friday and left on Saturday, because Sima went live and since he is kind of a night owl, he was feeling chatty at first, confirming what the show's editors had found out, that the phone number he was talking from was from Iceland and confirming himself that he was in Iceland.

This is the difference between television and the print media: when you're on TV, decency and the pressure of being involved in a dialogue force you to swallow a lot of stuff that is pretty low on credibility, but when you work in the print media, you are forced to take into account all the possibilities.

I don't rule out that he is in Reykjavik, but if he is indeed afraid after receiving threats (I don't rule that out either), then it wouldn't be a smart thing to do to reveal his hiding place, even if it is just because of the enjoyment he gets out of going live on TV (but since he likes to be the center of attention, even an idea that stupid idea would have to be taken into consideration).

There are however, great odds that Sima is actually creating the illusion that he is hiding in Iceland, even though he is hiding somewhere else: he may have rerouted (deviated) his connection, so that it only looks like he is in Iceland; there are software applications that automatically generate false IPs; there are tens of websites on the internet which provide "dummy" phone numbers, registered in dozens of countries, (including Iceland), even though the conversation is being made from another country (for instance Romania); and finally, Sima could very well own a pre-paid card, which he activated and he is now speaking from a completely different country.

This last possibility gets even more credibility: Iceland is where Sima was accessing his WBS accounts from and it appears he continued trading online; also, the IP (the computer identification number) used to access the files of WBS was located in Iceland.

The fact that the interactivity of the phone conversation with Sima, during the show on the night between Friday and Saturday, was quick, without any delays, suggests that he wasn't too far away - something which even the moderator of the show, Ion M. Ioniţă, cleverly noticed.

It is possible that, on that night, Sima was actually speaking from Cluj.

That morning, between 4 and 5 am, on the BURSA website, two messages signed "Boacter" were posted (in jailbird slang, "boacter" means "policeman"), which I think were posted by Sima, due to their contents, as well as to their style, which I hereby reproduce:

"2. So according to the boob tube, there was a lot of money lost, Mache??

(message sent by Boacter on 12.10.2012, 04:01 hrs)

Sima, who was a certain expertise in the market hasn't run anywhere with the money which was given discretionarily to him !!! he is either on his way to the grave (he is extremely PROUD),or he will come back with the tail between his legs and HUMBLED, with logical explanations!

3. The teachings of C.S. to his son Mache

(message sent to Boacter on 12.10.2012, 04:46)

According to the contract, I'll see you in court in the Virgin Islands! There was plenty of money and there will still be, rest easy !!(excerpt from the last will ands testament of a man who hasn't died yet and will be back)"

The two messages are sent from Cluj.

Cluj is closer to Bucharest than Reykjavik, which would explain why there were no delays during the TV show, when Sima was speaking on the phone.

Sure, in the meantime, he may have left anywhere, no matter where he was at that time, be it Cluj or Reykjavik.

What is important, however, is not where Sima is, but the fact that we are pretty clear that he cheated on his clients, that he lost the money in violation of his contracts, that he broke the laws both in his de position of CEO of the stock exchange, as well as broker and the fact that he is not too willing to deal with the situation according to the legal norms.

Thus, whether the threats he claims caused him to flee are real or not, what is certain is that he is implicitly running from prosecution as well.

Some of the clients didn't pay attention to the fact that they were concluding the contracts with an off-shore, because, during the preliminary talks, there was talk about "WBS", without specifying the distinction between "Romania" or "Holding" (WBS Romania is a well known brokerage firm, authorized by the CNVM).

The statements containing the results of the investments were sent by employees of WBS Romania, further reinforcing the confusion (upon closer examination of the attempt to blackmail the journalist who published the interview with Sima on September 3rd, shows clearly that he was aware of the confusion which he had deliberately initiated).

The deals were made by Sima, "by his own hand", according to his own testimony, on the TV show he went live on), and the results were forged, because the statements do not mention the losses which he mentions now.

That means that the employees of WBS Romania, who were sending the statements to the clients, either received them already forged from Sima, or they were falsifying them at WBS Romania.

This allowed Sima to transfer the money from the accounts of his clients to his own account, and to trade on his own behalf, which, if he made money, would have allowed him to keep all the gains he made and to return the clients' capital and claim he had made no profit for them at all.

Of course, when he lost, he went deep into his clients' money.

This is probably the mechanism behind the loss, which is no different from outright theft.

Leaving aside the immorality of the fact that the president of a stock exchange trades for himself and for his customers, the entire scam behind WBS Romania is centered on Romania, not the Virgin Islands, and it concerns our very own CNVM and our own courts.

The European regulations describe the notion of "activity center", when it comes to taxation; in the case of Sima and his offshore in the Virgin Islands, the activity center is WBS Romania.

Would you prefer it was Sibex instead?

Let's see if the Romanian authorities will catch on eventually.


There are some readers who don't like me (I was surprised to find out, from TV, that the mother of Mr. Sima thinks I hate him and blames me as being the main factor behind his bankruptcy and his flight) and some who were happy that I lost my money - "Look at this moron, claiming to give us lessons about the stock market!"

At any rate, it's better to be a moron, than sheep, which is still better than being slime.

Aside from the character shortcomings of those who are happy to see someone lose their money to a thief, aside from the difficulties in comprehending that one man's theft has nothing to do with the morality of another, aside the fact that I merely write about the stock market, without having the pretense to teach anybody anything, - aside from all this - I assure them that I can understand where they are coming from when rejoicing about my loss, because the situation is not without its dose of humor.

But, this is not the first time I lose money nor is it the last time it happens, and it is not even the biggest amount I ever lost; compared to the theft perpetrated by the Ministry of Finance in 1995, when all of the accounts of BURSA were emptied, this is just a mosquito bite.

I am glad you are happy with us, after all, you are our readers.

Good luck!


The lack of character of Cristian Sima, shown in his business relationships, allows him to include ignoble details, in his letters, which he wants to use to "yell out his truth at the tip of his lungs", details which help ruin the credibility of the "earth-shattering revelations" which he claims he will write about for two months.

What kind of person would disclose to the public an episode like the one about Mrs. Marie-Rose Mociorniţă, like Sima does?!

I heard that story straight from Sima's mouth, and he was saying proudly, but I did not pay attention to it - it was just a talk like any other.

What is the purpose behind his letters, now?

What relevance does it have on the political, social and business "landscape", in Sima's mind?

In spite of what the losses he has caused, of the lies and of the dirt he's throwing around, I think that this man is in pain and he needs to be treated with compassion.

Of course, that does not exonerate him from the rigors of the law.


In his attempt to ridicule me, (after using and abusing the lie about my teeth, to allow him to throw me to the wolves "in the press"), Sima makes a comparison between himself and me, using my convictions which concern the freedom of convictions:

"In this entire story, Make plays a crucial part, which I will say more about later, but at least he has nonchalantly acknowledged that he is not Jewish or a Christian, he is an atheist, in other words a godless man. I don't know if anyone will ever forgive my sins, but at least I have someone to apologize to."

Of course, the mistake is obvious - I have never "acknowledged" I am a Jew, it would actually b ridiculous, with a name like Goldstein, to claim that I am not Jewish, only my father was Jewish.

What he means to say is that I have "acknowledged" that I am not a Judaist (of Judaic faith); in fact, I have publicly stated that I am atheist.

Hence, why he says that I am "godless", which he uses with the meaning that I am immoral.

This tortuous use of the words is telling of the "truth" that Cristian Sima wants to "yell out": a thief and a fugitive, ridiculing people who liked him (at a certain time, at least), he says that, unlike me, he has someone to ask for forgiveness.

Indeed, being an atheist, I have no one to apologize to.

Hence why I can't afford to steal, to kill, why I have respected my parents, why I can't afford to lie (I'll admit, I am weaker when it comes to coveting someone else's woman, and all that comes with it, but truth be told, I think people had a lot to do with making that commandment so harsh).

That's why I don't do any of the above, because I have no one to apologize to - I am afraid of my own judgment, which knows no forgiveness.

Sima seems to believe that, since he is a Christian, he is forgiven by default.

No my dear, you are wrong, this is not Christianity, this is theft, even with God involved.

I mean, why am I even surprised that you are lying to your own mother?

Trying to discredit me is part of the manner in which he has conceived the explanation for his theft, because, like he says, he has reserved for me an "important part in it" (I mean, come on! Who was the one who stole the money?!).

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  1. with a VoIP (voice over IP) phone you can have a US phone (or any other phone number) and use it anywhere you have an internet connection....

    with an email is a little harder (but not impossible) to hide where the email it has been sent from... you can look into email's header and see the tcp/ip address of the computer 

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