America is preparing for days of fire

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America is preparing for days of fire

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The heat wave takes all the continents by storm. Vast regions of the central and eastern United States are bracing for a sweltering heat wave this week, with temperatures expected to be unusually high for June. "Temperatures will rise from the Midwest to the Northeast," the National Weather Service (NWS) warned on X, saying "several dozen record" daily heat events are expected. This wave started Sunday in the center and is expected to spread through the Midwest and Northeast and last most of the week, according to the NWS. "Heat is the leading cause of weather-related deaths in most years. Take it seriously," the weather service warned. The capital of Washington has already activated its "heat emergency" alert, Mayor Muriel Bowser said, and "extreme temperatures are forecast". The mercury in the thermometers would rise to 38 degrees Celsius on June 23. Several large cities, from Chicago to New York, will also be affected. According to scientists, repeated heat waves are an unequivocal marker of global warming, and these heat waves are expected to multiply, lengthen and intensify.

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