Our country is part of the Eastern European cross-border route used by criminal networks for human trafficking. These networks introduce migrants from Ukraine, Turkey and Afghanistan into or through Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria or Poland, through trucks registered in Turkey.

GIATOC Index: Crime remains at a high level in Romania

Gheorghe IorgoveanuEnglish Section / 8 aprilie

According to the crime index for last year published by the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, a non-governmental organization based in Switzerland, with a score of 4.58 our country ranks 27th out of 44 European states,...

Service Providers Exposed to Cyber Attacks

Service Providers Exposed to Cyber Attacks

O.D.English Section / 20 februarie

Cyber risks concerning supply chains can take many forms, from ransomware and data theft to denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and fraud. A 2022 report showed that 90% of managed service providers (MSPs) have experienced a cyber attack in the last...

"Smart" Gifts Can Become a Major Problem

"Smart" Gifts Can Become a Major Problem

O.D.English Section / 5 ianuarie

Smart devices are increasingly prevalent, with over half of Europeans currently using an internet-connected TV, a quarter (26%) using smartwatches and other wearable devices, and a fifth (20%) being fans of internet-connected gaming devices,...

Kapersky: Peisajul securitatii cibernetice financiare in 2024

Kapersky: Peisajul securitatii cibernetice financiare in 2024

T.B.Companii / 24 noiembrie 2023

Instituţiile şi organizaţiile financiare ar trebui să-şi întărească sistemele de securitate în 2024, deoarece ameninţările vor creşte din cauza inteligenţei artificiale şi a automatizării sporite, potrivit experţilor Kaspersky, se arată într-un...

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