Cioloş denounced Ciolacu to the General Prosecutor's Office, in the Roşia Montană scandal

George Marinescu
English Section / 12 martie

Roşia Montană (Photo source www.gabriel

Roşia Montană (Photo source www.gabriel

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Former Prime Minister Dacian Cioloş, current MEP from Reper, requested, yesterday, through a denunciation, the General Prosecutor's Office to start a criminal investigation against Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu for his statements regarding the Roşia Montană case, statements that would have led to the manipulation of the Toronto stock exchange , where Gabriel Resources' share price rose 93% in February on strong sales.

Dacian Cioloş said: "I cannot accept as a citizen, as a Romanian, as a member of the European Parliament REPER, as a dignitary of the Romanian state, through statements and actions that he makes that affect the interests of Romanians and the Romanian state. (...) Marcel Ciolacu is not only a politician who tries by any means to get votes and attract attention, but he is first and foremost, at the moment - at least on paper, a dignitary of the Romanian state, prime minister of the Government and by what he does and what he did in this capacity deeply damaged the interests of Romania and the interests of the citizens. By the pre-pronouncement on the decision of an international arbitration tribunal, (...) we presented ourselves all over the world as a defeatist country, which accepts defeat before it is expressed, but more than that this pre-pronouncement of the prime minister and the statements his defeatists had an impact on the stock exchange, not only in Toronto where Roşia Montană Gold Corporation is listed, but also on the Romanian stock exchange, because there are companies from our country that bought shares on the Toronto stock exchange, they made this known to the public and the value of their shares on the Romanian stock market artificially increased just because they bought shares in Toronto. (...) These things cannot remain like this, it is important to talk about them. You can no longer play politics with Romanians' emotions, with their interests in an election year, and make fun of the civil society that took to the streets and is the only one that defended Romania with dignity. (...) I trust the Romanian judiciary to shed light on this case. (...) It is important for Marcel Ciolacu to answer for what he did, regardless of whether he did it premeditated or not. What's more, it's worse if he did it without premeditation, because that means stupidity on the part of the prime minister".

Mr. Cioloş stated that for months he has been demonized by the PSD and Marcel Ciolacu's communication and propaganda machine paid from public money, because he had the courage to submit the file for the registration of Roşia Montana in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and he stated : "In the end, it turned out that exactly this was to Romania's advantage and helped Romania win this case that it filed at the Roşia Montană Gold Corporation and Gabriel Resources Arbitration Court".

Regarding the possibility of the Canadian company Gabriel Resources attacking the decision of the international arbitration tribunal, Dacian Cioloş said: "From what the lawyers explained, there is a procedural possibility for Gabriel Resources to appeal, but it is very difficult to get the decision reversed on the merits, on content. They can refer the administrative procedure, they can possibly come up with other elements that they have not submitted to the file so far, but based on the elements submitted to the file, as far as I understand, the decision of the court is final and enforceable. The file could still be opened only if, in the last hundred meters, after the court has expressed itself, Gabriel Resources comes up with certain essential elements in this case. Procedurally, there is the possibility of an appeal, but from the point of view of changing the decision, it is very unlikely that it will be changed".

We remind you that last Friday, the international arbitration tribunal attached to the World Bank rejected with a majority of 2 to 1 the claims of the Canadian company Gabriel Resources regarding the payment of compensation by the Romanian state for stopping the mining project in Roşia Montană. The reasoning of the decision would be published 20 days after the ruling, after the parties to the trial would rule on the dates and passages that would not be disclosed to the public.

The decision of the arbitration court seemed surprising in light of the fact that throughout February, Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu and Finance Minister Marcel Boloş hinted that our country would lose this trial and would have to pay almost 6.7 billion dollars in damages.

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