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Dragnea in jail, the PSD on the brink of dissolution

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Dragnea in jail, the PSD on the brink of dissolution

The day after losing the elections, Dragnea has gone to jail.

Three years and six months.


Liviu Dragnea.

Liviu Dragnea, president of the PSD and president of the Senate, the third most powerful man in the country was sentenced yesterday to three years and six months in prison, for basically nothing, for hiring some ladies through the backdoor, a small potato job, something that was totally cheap even for a local baron and his wife (but, Teldrum is coming up and it is a bit more consistent).

The ruling was only rendered after it was certain that the PSD lost the elections for the European parliament, crashing to 23.59%.

In three years, Dragnea has led the PSD to half what it used to poll. Had the PSD get 45.47% of the votes, like in the parliamentary elections of 2016, would Dragnea have been sentenced to jail?

We don't know.

Then, the PNL had reached 20.04% and the USR - 8.87%.

Now, the PNL earned 27.07% and the USR-PLUS alliance -19.99%.

Dragnea has buried the PSD.

PSD allowed itself to be made Dragnea's personal party, and so the PSD is now sharing his fate.

I don't think the PSD has ever been in a situation like this before: with the leader in jail, the party is being threatened with the dissolution.

Because this was just the first bomb.

Another is that Viorica Dăncilă has become the president of the PSD!

Vasilica Viorica Dăncilă!

Prime-minister and PSD president, ...that is some political fate for her!

Dăncilă as the head of the PSD is even worse for the PSD, than the fact that Dragnea is in jail.

I wonder what the PSD is feeling in these crucial moments, when they should actually rally together..., with such a president of the party, aren't they disgusted?

Another bomb is being prepared by Dan Barna, of the USR, who is negotiating a motion of no-confidence against the Dăncilă government.

The parliamentary majority is no longer being representative for the electorate's options, as shown by the European parliament elections, and so, normally and democratically, the Dăncilă government should resign.

A motion of no-confidence can be successful, in the chaos that has begun in the PSD.

Finally, there is also a timebomb ticking: the president of the Party of European Socialists (PES), Serghei Stanishev, had stated last month that "the leaders of the PES consider their relations with the PSD frozen" until the Romanian government clarifies its commitment to the rule of law and follows the recommendations of the European Commission.

First vice-president of the European Commission Frans Timmermans had threatened the PSD with the exclusion from the PES and even if the moment of the European parliament elections has gone by, that idea is still lurking.

Imagine that all of these bombs explode this summer and Laura Codruţa Kovesi becomes a chief-European prosecutor.

What will be left of the PSD then?

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