Elections: the liberals claim that they are not a "wagon" for the PSD

English Section / 23 aprilie

Photo source: facebook / Lucian Bode

Photo source: facebook / Lucian Bode

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The PSD-PNL alliance "close to the wrists" at every party meeting or candidate launch. The statements are far from friendly, and unity is out of the question, not even jokingly. The general secretary of the PNL, Lucian Bode, states that the PNL is not a "wagon" in the alliance it forms in the government and in the European parliamentary elections together with the PSD, explaining that this alliance aims to combat extremism: "Our vision of development is one focused on investments, responsible administrations and measures to make life easier for the entire community, but on June 9 our electoral mission is a bit more complex. I am an adept of saying things directly and that is what I will do now: we have an alliance with the PSD, but the National Liberal Party is not in the wagon position, not even in the first wagon after the locomotive. We built this alliance with the PSD so that in the European parliamentary elections on June 9, we will keep away the extremists who are knocking on the doors of Europe and who want to destroy the European project". He added that PNL has the "obligation" to send to Brussels "a team that respects the values of the European Union and defends Romania's interests". "Let's not wake up that we are sending people there with a mission received in an envelope from the Kremlin who are walking the bear through Romania", Bode also stated in the speech held at the launch event of the PNL candidates for the local elections in Maramureş county. On the other hand, the president of PNL Argeş, Alina Gorghiu, who also holds the position of Minister of Justice, states that only a right-wing president can be the balancing factor and the promoter of the necessary reforms for Romania: "After the local elections, we must immediately announce the candidate for Cotrocens. I assure you of one thing: in this room, today, in Baia Mare, we have the future liberal president of Romania. Only a right-wing president can be the balancing factor and the promoter of reforms needed by Romania. Plus the correct, pro-European profile is the only natural way for Romania's development", said Alina Gorghiu. The president of the PNL, Nicolae Ciucă, was also present at the event. For his part, Lucian Bode, affirmed that Nicolae Ciucă will be the future president of Romania: "The National Liberal Party will give the president of Romania in the person of Mr. Nicolae Ciucă. Therefore, we enter this electoral campaign with a lot of hope, the chances are on our side, because the people of Sălăj have trusted us and we have not disappointed them, because here we have proven what the strength of liberalism means". The liberals do not even consider the possibility of supporting the PSD candidate for the presidential elections.

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