Europe gives Romania over 80 million Euros to complete the subway line four

LARISA BĂNICĂ (translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 8 iunie 2015

Europe gives Romania over 80 million Euros to complete the subway line four

Corina Creţu: "50,000 residents of the Bucureştii Noi and Chitila neighborhoods will get subway access"

The European Commission has approved a financial contribution of 83 million Euros from the Cohesion fund to the major project "The expansion of the Subway line no. 4, the Parc Bazilescu - Străuleşti section", which is part of the Operational transport program, according to a press release by the European institution.

The objective of the project is the expansion of the line 4 of Bucharest with a new segment of almost 1.89 km and the construction of two new subway stations along this new segment.

The new segment will cut the travel time by approximately 65% along the lane that corresponds to subway line four and will be used by an estimated 3,638,700 passengers/year. The total value of the project is 97,761,634 Euros.

Regional policies commissioner Corina Creţu said: "The main beneficiaries of the new infrastructure will be the almost 50,000 residents of the Bucureştii Noi and Chitila neighborhoods, which will get direct access to the subway system. The population in north-western Bucharest and that of the cities of Mogoşoaia, Buftea and Chitila will also benefit from easier access to the high capacity transport network".

According to Metrorex officials, quoted by Agerpres, commissioning Trunk 4 will lead to higher overall attractiveness of the subway grid and implicitly, this will reduce the workload of surface transportation, which will lead to lower pollution, fewer accidents, less road degradation and last but not least, shorter travel times.

The Cohesion Fund is destined to the member states whose revenue per capita is below 90% of the EU average. This is intended to reduce economic and social inequalities and the promotion of durable development.

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