Experimental films in Bucharest

English Section / 25 septembrie

Experimental films in Bucharest

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Cinema is an area where experiments, even unsuccessful ones, have been applauded and encouraged. The 13th edition of the Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival (BIEFF) will take place from September 26th to October 1st. According to the organizers: "Only a few days left until the official opening of the 13th edition of BIEFF - Romania's first and most extensive event dedicated to avant-garde cinema and visual arts. From September 26th to October 1st, cinema theaters in the capital will host premiere screenings of some of the boldest cinematic experiments of the year, as well as special meetings with renowned filmmakers and professionals from the international film industry. The audience will have the opportunity to discuss with the festival's guests during Q&A sessions scheduled after the screenings, as well as in special panels and industry-related debates." On the second day of the festival, on September 27th, the audience is invited to meet Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Costa, an emblematic figure in contemporary cinema, whose work continues to pave new directions in the digital era of imagery. The event will begin with the first screening in Romania of the filmmaker's latest work - the short film "As Filhas do Fogo" (The Daughters of Fire, 2023), presented internationally for the first time at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Created under the patronage of the National University of Theatre and Film "I. L. Caragiale" and the National University of Arts in Bucharest, the Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival is Romania's first event that promotes the border between cinema and visual arts, providing exposure to innovative visual artists, whose works are generally presented in museums and art galleries and rarely in cinemas.

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