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FIGHTING THE COVID-19 PANDEMICOn claims of keeping you alive, Google is looking to snoop on you

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On claims of keeping you alive, Google is looking to snoop on you

BigOOgle Brother uses the information about the citizens' movements, according to a press release from Google, combines it into statistically relevant flows about what they do and offers it to decision makers to fight the Coronavirus pandemic, confirming the terrible suspicions, that in fact, they are looking to hound us and implant us with chips, turning us into slaves of the eugenics ideology, of " political correctness " and of promoting sodomy, so we finally hang the last king with the entrails of the last priest.

This is a generous discussion with arguments in favor and against the use of personal data.

The talk is taking place between Scylla - the survival of the communities under the attack of the pandemic - and Charybdis - the sacrifice of the privacy of information, for the protection of which a European and national law have just been passed.

In other words, if you want to survive, then you agree for Google to track you wherever you go, to use the information as it sees fit and not just that, but that becomes an individual debt for the protection of the collective.

California has joined forces with the federal government, and together with Google, is squeezing Americans for all their personal information, in exchange for which it gives them a coronavirus test.

American news publication Foreign Policy informed at the end of last week, that Google (through its sister Alphabet company, Verily) has launched a screening tool for the coronavirus. The website, which was developed in cooperation with the state of California, was launched on March 16th, and currently offers coronavirus screening services in four regions. Upon first sight, it is simple, Foreign Policy writes. The site takes users through a series of questions through the platform for collecting the health data of the company's base project. If the system finds them eligible, then it will allow the user to schedule a much wanted coronavirus test.

But that's nothing compared to Israel.

In Israel, allegedly the Shin Bet secret police is watching everybody through their phones and gives them nothing in exchange, not even a pathetic coronavirus test (so Jews are good at business? no, just their secret police!).

Israel is better than Google.

It didn't ask the citizens if they agree to that.

So the Rockefeller Plan is clear: 9-11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, the war against terror, megacrisis, war/pandemic, chips, world government, sodomy.

You understand?

It's all for one purpose. The world government, to sodomize each and every one of us. Literally and figuratively.

At least Google publicizes the results of their surveillance.

For instance, according to Google's monitoring, on March 29th, (the most recent report), Romanians saw an 81% reduction in trips to places such as restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centers, theme parks, museums, bookstores and cinemas.

So..., what?!..., Google says that 19% of us are so dazed and confused that they left their houses and went to the pub?

And what did they do?Did they just stand there on the sidewalk and stare?

Please forgive my skepticism, but I don't think this Report will help fight the pandemic in any way.

First of all, that all of these destinations were closed since March 17th (Military Ordinance no. 1).

Second of all, that we were all forced to stay inside, just like we are now (Military Ordinance no. 3, of March 24th).

So, if the restaurants and cafes are closed and we are locked in, who the hell went to the pub or to the movies ?!



There is no need for a study, no monitoring, no aggregation of confidential data.

What is going through my head is that, the way it happens in Romania, some pubs may have been left open discreetly and the people in the countryside, together with the police, have come in and started drinking together in the back yard.

I think Google mistook the national habitat of our peasants either with a museum about serfdom (or neo-serfdom), or with a theme park.

But, to convince us of the lack of limit of its imagination, Google's report for Romania further states: 60% drop in trips to national parks, public beaches, leisure ports, parks for dogs, public squares and public gardens.

Public beaches ...on March 29th, in Romania?!

Leisure ports?

Parks for dogs?

And one more thing: why doesn't Google include the population's trips to church in its monitoring? According to a study by the Friedrich Ebert România foundation made last year, 95% of the Romanian citizens believe in God, and 21% go to church weekly. In other words, about four million. Does it matter statistically what those four million do?

Why do churches not appear as a destination for the population's trips monitored by Google, but pubs do?!

Can such reports help Raed Arafat make decisions in fighting the pandemic?

If yes, then I can assure you we're all as good as dead.

Let's say it doesn't matter that they are providing false information, but how can a report whose last update is march 29th, be used as the foundation for decisions made to fight the pandemic on April 9th?

On March 29th, there were 1760 infected people; 5202, on April 9th.

Let's get clear on how Google works.

Google is that thing on the internet which displays ads on your computer screen and when you close them it asks you why you did.

I'd say that that's already impertinence, but...

For instance, to get rid of and ad, you click on the honest answer "I am not interested in the ad", and Google still tries to press the issue: "We'll try to stop displaying this ad".

You breathe a sigh of relief.

Click!, you go to another page, Zing!, the Google ad, you start all over again.

It's poking fun at you.

As far as I'm concerned, Google, Shin Bet, same thing; the report will include my trips between the living room, to my reading room where I have my office and the bathroom.

In my bedroom, I'm used to getting recorded by the local political police, so there are always at least three of us.

At least these guys are ours - the surveillance is a bit less chafing.


In spite of the jokey tone I used to analyze in this pamphlet the scenario of the "Digital Angel", still, the idea of a "world government" has been seriously making the rounds at the top of the political world and has been explicitly backed by a study drawn up by the Vatican's Social Studies Institute, under of Benedict 16th ("Towards the reform of the international monetary and financial system, in a manner that meets the needs of all peoples", from the Council for Justice and Peace, October 24th, 2011).

I have treated the issue of the danger posed by pyramidal leadership, both in Europe ("Le gouvernement europeen"), as well as in the world("the global government"), in my 2015 book, the "Solution to the crisis/Terminus a quo", available to read for free, in English, on the BURSA website.

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