Germany's imports and exports, in decline

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Germany's imports and exports, in decline

Germany's trade with the rest of the world has slowed down in October, as its exports and imports fell compared to September, due to the difficulties on the emerging markets, especially in China, Brazil and Russia.

According to the Federal Statistics Bureau (Destatis), Germany's exports fell 1.2% in October, to 99 billion Euros, (108 billion dollars), after a 2.6% rise in September.

Official figures also show that Germany's exports fell 3.4% in October, to 78.3 billion Euros.

Analysts were expecting a 0.6% drop in exports, and 1% in imports, respectively.

Germany's trade surplus reached 20.7 billon Euros in October, from 19.3 billion Euros in September. Analysts were expecting a surplus of 20.1 billion Euros.

According to unadjusted terms, Germany's trade surplus fell to 22.5 billion Euros in October, down from 22.8 billion in September. Analysts were expecting a surplus of 21.7 billion Euros.

At an annual rate, German exports increased 3.3% in October, to 106.2 billion Euros, and imports increased 3%, to 83.8 billion Euros.

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