God save America!

EUGEN MIHĂESCU (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
English Section / 8 ianuarie 2021

Motto: "It's better to be a dog in times of peace than a man in times of chaos". (Chinese proverb)

EUGEN MIHĂESCU (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)

I view the elections in the American presidential election of November 2020 to those that the communists stole after WW2 in November 1946. That is after I watched closely the actions of the team of lawyers that Donald Trump hired. But we may never find out the truth about the "alleged fraud", because the coup of the Capitol in Washington happened yesterday. The attack on the "symbol of American democracy" occurred exactly as Texas Republican senator, Ted Cruz, was holding a speech objecting against the list of electors submitted by the government of the state of Arizona and was asking for the creation of a joint, Congress-Supreme Court Commission, that would review the 1200 pages of testimonies and expertise pertaining to the electoral fraud which would happen after election day on November 3rd, 2020.

A document which nobody in the US had the curiosity to research and the main mass-media entities have deliberately ignored.

I have a few questions we can't yet find the answer to...

Who had the interest to attack the Capitol at a time like this? Trump or Biden's? When it comes here I am wondering how is it possible for a smart man like Cristian-Tudor Popescu to compare Donald Trump with Hitler in 1933? Did Hitler win or lose? Did Trump lose or did America and democracy?

After November 1946 Romanian anticommunists held out at least seven years in the mountains. How long will the 75 million people who voted for Trump and who have twice as many guns in their homes?

Were those who burst into the Capitol Trump supporters? Then why did one of them have the hammer sickle and tattooed on their hand?

Only time will provide answers when the closely knit web of economic interests of what is called the "deep state" gets revealed. It will come out just like Petrov-Băsescu revealed themselves, who jumped to attack Trump while he was rubbing his hands, salivating at the prospect of the future deals they were going to do together with Biden's envoys to the Romanian colony...

But China can give itself a pat on the back: it has conquered America without firing a single shot!

Was there a coup in the US? Yes, certainly, and it has succeeded! Perhaps now, after his defeat, Donald Trump, who became a president coming from outside the "system", if he gets to stay free, will understand how politics works, will rally the patriotic political forces into a party that will oppose the globalist forces...

America will wake up as soon as Kamala-Kabala takes over the country's reins...

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