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Greece eases capital restrictions

V.R. (translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
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Greece eases capital restrictions

Greece will loosen restrictions on capital movements in order to allow domestic investors that want to buy stock through the Athens Stock Exchange to use the locked money they have deposited in Greek banks, Charalampos Gotsis, the president of the Commission for the oversight of the Greek securities market announced.

"As a result, domestic investors will be able to buy shares with old and new funds, eliminating the discriminations that existed between foreign and local investors", said Gotsis.

Following the imposition of the restrictions on capital movements in Greece, in June, domestic investors were no longer able to withdraw money from deposits to acquire shares. Investors will now have the ability to buy shares with money from outside the country, with the cash that they hold locally or in bank deposits. But if these investors sell their shares, they will not be allowed to send the money abroad,Gotsis warned.

In October, Greek deputy finance-minister, George Houliarakis, announced that the restrictions on capital movements in Greece may be lifted in the beginning of 2016, if the country's economic stability continues.

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