Hungarians destroyed our Parliament

MAKE (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 16 martie 2011

Hungarians destroyed our Parliament

Romanian deputies no longer met in session on Romania"s National Day and on Monday and Tuesday, they celebrated by going to their "electoral constituencies" for various activities, which are usually scheduled to expand well into the weekend.

This time, they"ve expanded them into Monday and Tuesday.

Celebration days.

We have no idea why Hungary"s national holiday is being celebrated by the Romanian Parliament.

Perhaps because the governing party needs the Hungarians" votes today to weather the vote of no-confidence?


Hungary itself has three national holidays: March 15th (the commemoration of the revolution of 1848, led by Lajos Kossuth), August 20, (the day of Saint Stephen - the founder of the Hungarian state) and October 23rd (the anniversary of the Hungarian revolution of 1956 and the proclamation of the Hungarian Republic in 1989).

Will Romanian deputies head over to their respective constituencies on any other national holidays?

The countries of the world have 190 national holidays (some countries have more than one, but some of them celebrate all those holidays at the same time).

If we consider two days of activities in their constituencies for each of those foreign national holidays, then we get 380 days of activities outside the parliament, out of the 365 days of the year.

Our deputies will never get together again.

There we go, Hungary destroyed our parliament.

A remarkable victory of irredentism...



Cuba, Haiti, Sudan - January 1st

Burma (Myanmar) - January 4th

Northern Mariana Islands - January 8th

Australia - January 26th

India - January 26th, August 15th, October 2nd

Nauru - January 31st


Sri Lanka - February 4th

New Zealand, Niue, Sami (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia) - February 6th

Grenada - February 7th

Serbia - February 15th

Lithuania - February 16th

Gambia, Nepal - February 18th

Brunei, Guyana - February 23rd

Estonia - February 24th

Kuwait - February 25th

Dominican Republic - February 27th, August 16th

Andalusia - February 28th


Bosnia and Herzegovina, Wales - March 1st

Morocco - March 22nd

Bulgaria - March 3rd

Ghana - March 6th

Mauritius - March 12th

Hungary - March 15th, August 20th, October 23rd

Ireland - March 17th

Northern Ireland - March 17th and July 12th

Aruba (Holland) - March 18th

Tunisia - March 20th

Namibia - March 21st

Pakistan - March 23 (Day of the Republic), August 14th (Day of Independence)

Greece - March 25th

Bangladesh - March 26th

Virgin Islands (US) - March 31st


Iran, Assyria - April 1st

Guinea - April 3rd

Senegal - April 4th

American Samoa (US), Syria - April 17th

Zimbabwe - April 18th

Anglia, Aragon - April 23rd

Tanzania - April 26th

South Africa, Sierra Leone, Togo - April 27th

Dutch Antilles, Holland - April 30th


Marshall Islands - May 1st

Poland - May 3rd

Alderney Guernsey and Dependencies, Herm, Jersey, Sark - May 9th

Micronesia - 10 Mai

Israel, Paraguay - 14 Mai

Norway - 17 Mai

Cameroon, East Timor - May 20th

Yemen - May 22nd

Bermuda, Eritrea - May 24th

Jordan - May 25th

Argentina - May 25th and July 9th

Georgia - May 26th

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia - May 28th

Anguilla - May 30th


Samoa - June 1st

Italy - June 2nd

Tonga - June 4th

Sweden - June 6th

Norfolk - June 8th

Portugal - June 10th

Philippines, Russia - June 12th

Montserrat, Pitcairn (the second Saturday of June)

Falkland Islands, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands - June 14th

Denmark - June 15th

Iceland - June 17th

Seychelles - June 18th

Greenland (Denmark) - June 21st

Luxemburg - June 23rd

Québec - June 24th

Croatia, Mozambique, Slovenia - June 25th

Madagascar - June 26th

Djibouti - June 27th

Congo - June 30th


Cayman Islands - (the first Monday of July)

Virgin Islands, Burundi, Canada, Rwanda - July 1st

Belarus - July 3rd

United States of America - 4th July

Isle of Man, Venezuela - July 5th

Comoros, Malawi - July 6th

Solomon Islands - July 7th

Palau - July 9th

Bahamas - July 10th

Flanders, Mongolia - July 11th

Kiribati, Sao Tomé and Príncipe - July12th

Montenegro - July 13th

France, French Guyana, French Polynesia, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Maiotte, New Caledonia, Réunion St Pierre and Miquelon - July 14th

Iraq - July 17th

Colombia - July 20th

Belgium, Guam (USA) - July 21st

Egypt - July 23rd

Porto Rico (US) - July 25th

Liberia, Maldives - July 26th

Peru - July 28th

Feroe Islands - July 29th

Vanuatu - July 30th


Jamaica (the first Monday of August)

Benin, Switzerland - 1 August

Burkina Faso, Cook Islands - August 4th

Bolivia - August 6th

Ivory Coast - August 7th

Singapore - August 9th

Ecuador - August 10th

Chad - August 11

South Korea, Liechtenstein, Republic of Congo - August 15th

Gabon, Indonesia - 17 August

Afghanistan - August 19th

Ukraine - August 24th

Uruguay - August 25th

Moldova - August 27th

Slovakia - August 29th, September 1st

Tatarstan, Turks and Caicos Islands - August 30th

Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago - August 31st


Libya, Uzbekistan - September 1st

Transnistria, Vietnam - September 2nd

Qatar, San Marino - September 3rd

Swaziland - September 6th

Brazil - September 7th

Andorra, North Korea, Macedonia - September 8th

Tajikistan - September 9th

Belize, Gibraltar - September 10th

Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua - September 15th

Catalonia - September 11th

Cape Verde - September 12th

Guatemala, Honduras - September 15th

Mexico, Papua New Guinea - September 16th

Chile - September 18th

St Kitts and Nevis - September 19th

Malta - September 21st

Mali - September 22nd

Saudi Arabia - September 23rd

Guinea-Bissau - September 24th


China, Cyprus, Nigeria, Tuvalu - October 1st

Germany - October 3rd

Lesotho - October 4th

Uganda - October 9th

Fiji, Taiwan - October 10th

Equatorial Guinea, Spain - October 12th

Somalia - October 21st

Vatican - October 22nd

Zambia - October 24th

Kazakhstan - October 25th

Austria - October 26th

St Vincent and The Grenadines, Turkmenistan - October 27th

Czech Republic - October 28th

Turkey - October 29th


Algeria, Antigua and Barbuda - November 1st

Dominica, Panama - November 3rd

Angola - November 11th

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus - November 15th

Latvia, Oman - November 18th

Monaco - November 19th

Lebanon - November 22nd

Suriname - November 25th

Albania, Mauritania - November 28

Yugoslavia - November 29th

Barbados, Cambodia, Scotland - November 30th


Central African Republic, Romania - December 1st

United Arab Emirates, Laos - December 2nd

Thailand - December 5th

Finland - December 6th

Kenya - December 12th

St Lucia - December 13th

Bahrain - December 16th

Bhutan - December 17th

Niger - December 18th

Japan -December 23rd

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