Immigrants and Swedes must be "mixed" by force and on a large scale

Calin Rechea
English Section / 12 decembrie 2023

Immigrants and Swedes must be "mixed" by force and on a large scale

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Social democrats in Sweden have found the solution to eliminate social conflicts

"Economic, ethnic and linguistic segregation must be stopped at the structural level, which requires the mixing of the population. Society will have to take unprecedented action on an unprecedented scale." (Social Democratic Party of Sweden)

Calin Rechea

An aberrant proposal of the Social Democratic Party of Sweden was recently calmly analyzed on television stations and in the print media of the Scandinavian country.

Under the title "The Emergence of Parallel Societies", members of the party leadership tried to determine the causes of the recent increase in social tensions and street violence, phenomena that have evolved in parallel with the rapid increase in the number of immigrants in the last decade. The document is available at

"The conflicts between the cultural norms of the country of origin and the culture of the new country have developed antisocial subcultures as a result of the failure of integration," the report states. Under these conditions, "the social community faces an existential threat", represented by "the emergence of parallel societies".

Integration is particularly difficult even for those born in Sweden in the last two decades to immigrant parents. "We cannot emphasize enough the seriousness of the class and ethnic segregation that exists today. Sweden has a young generation who were born in the country, but who have only known poverty, jobless parents, overcrowding, lack of schooling, ignorance of the language, lack of education and who do not identify as Swedes or as part of Swedish society" , it is emphasized in the report, where it is also shown that "phenomena such as educational trips to Africa, forced marriages, the culture of honor and genital mutilation are part of the reality of young women and of the environment in which they grow up".

Lawen Redar, spokesman for the cultural policy of the Social Democratic Party of Sweden and one of the authors of the report, told the public television station SVT that "the immigration policy was not adapted to the material, cultural and linguistic conditions", and "society did not he wants to admit this because of the fear of stigmatization".

But where does this fear of stigmatization come from and how is such a phenomenon tolerated in a democratic society, where freedom of expression is a fundamental pillar? And how do you explain this, especially when it comes to one of the most tolerant European societies, maybe even the most tolerant?

Although he recognizes the failure of the immigrant integration policy, which was developed especially by the Social Democratic Party, the spokesperson Lawen Redar claims that the Sweden Democrats party, considered extreme-right, but which obtained over 20% of the votes in the last general elections , has no solutions from this point of view. "The solution is classical social democracy", Lawen Redar also stated for SVT.

The last part of the report also states that "the Swedish language is a minority language in certain parts of the country, and the opportunities to learn Swedish are limited, because there are almost no native Swedish speakers in those areas." Moreover, "the generations who were born in Sweden and do not have particularly strong ties to their parents' countries of origin do not perceive Sweden as their country".

Although they recognize the problems described in the report, the social democratic politicians in Sweden do not seem to understand how it got here and what are the real causes of the failure of integration.

The proof is the short section of conclusions and proposals for solving these particularly serious problems, where it is shown that "segregation and inequality are phenomena that amplify each other", and "without strong political action, polarization will increase and a base will be strengthened material for racism", which "make impossible the vision of an egalitarian future".

The proposed solution is to stop at the structural level the economic, ethnic and linguistic segregation, which "requires the mixing of the population", under the conditions in which "society will have to take unprecedented measures, on an unprecedented scale".

Throughout history, other socialist parties have tried to avoid precisely such "mixtures" in the name of preserving the purity of a race considered superior.

I don't remember exactly when the phenomenon took place, but it seems that then the leaders also created a kind of special breeding "farms", with carefully selected females. Now the Swedish socialists could apply the same principle, but with "farms" populated with "specimens" as diverse as possible, but strong and adaptable enough to face the winters in Dalarna or even further north, beyond the Arctic Circle.

In the university city of Uppsala, home to the oldest institution of higher education in Scandinavia and one of the oldest in the world (1477), the situation is considered very serious.

According to a news report on the website of Radio Sweden (, the escalation of violence between rival gangs has led to an increase in the number of resignations among ambulance staff.

"During the wave of violence this fall, the paramedics in Uppsala had to face reality," Sven Gunnar Lundin told Radio Sweden.

All ambulance crews now wear bulletproof vests and expect new protective equipment in the near future.

A future that seems to be increasingly "bright" for Sweden.

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