JOURNALISTS KILLED IN FRANCEMuslim religious attack, not affiliated with Islam, on "Charlie Hebdo"

ELENA DEACU (Translated by Cosmin Ghidoveanu)
Ziarul BURSA #English Section / 8 ianuarie 2015

One of the caricatures published in "Charlie Hebdo" states: "The press is doing well... It is getting the morons worked up!".

One of the caricatures published in "Charlie Hebdo" states: "The press is doing well... It is getting the morons worked up!".

At least twelve people were killed yesterday, following an attack on the headquarters of satiric newspaper "Charlie Hebdo" in Paris.

The authorities said that among those that were killed are also four caricaturists of the publication, including its director, one of the shareholders and two policemen.

According to the Paris press, at 11:20 local time, three men dressed in black, wearing hoods and brandishing Kalashnikovs, went to 6, Nicolas-Appert, where the archives of "Charlie Hebdo" are located.

The three men yelled: "Is this Charlie Hebdo?"

Seeing that they had the wrong address, they headed to number 10 located on the same street, where the satirical weekly holds its headquarters. After they entered the building, they opened fire on the reception and then they headed to the second floor, where the editorial meeting was ongoing. The terrorists shot in cold blood several people in the editorial office, according to reports in the French press, including the bodyguard of caricaturist Charb, who did not have the time to react.

One person who managed to hide under a table survived, and said that they heard the two yell: "We have avenged the prophet" (ed. note: the prophet Muhammad) and "Allah Akbar" (ed. note: "Allah is great"!)

Some of the employees of"Charlie Hebdo" took refuge on the roof, from where they also posted a photo on Twitter: "Attaque en cours de deux hommes en cagoule dans les locaux de Charlie Hebdo. On est réfugié sur le toit - Martin Boudot (@MartinBoudot) January 7th 2015".

"Charlie Hebdo" is an anti-religious publication, which systematically mocks Islam (frequently), as well as Christianity (and very rarely Judaism), using the democratic freedoms that allow the freedom of conscience and belief, of conviction and of expression.

The fact that the murderous attack on the journalists in question is ascribed to some Islamic believers (the terrorist organization the Islamic State), and not to Christians or Jews, doesn't help the image of Islam, proving, aside from the attachment to faith, that there are limits to Islam's humanism.

Which is false.

In actuality, Muslim belief is characterized by tolerance, it is pacifist and ecumenical, contrary to the common opinion that it is war-like, (Muhammad's opinion on the role of the "sword", has been mistakenly retained, in fact what he says is that it is not a sin to use the sword in reaction to injustice).

The attack on the journalists of the "Charlie Hebdo" magazine is not of an Islamic essence, it is foreign from Islam.

The attackers believe they are Muslims, but they are not.

Besides, for true Muslims, atheism (in its European meaning, of denial of God's existence) is not possible, nor conceivable, instead it consists in the lack of respect for God, in ungratefulness to God.

From an Islamic point of view, the "Charlie Hebdo" magazine is guilty, at most, of irreverent behavior (extremely so, admittedly) to God.

Which can not justify the capital punishment.

"Charlie Hebdo" was launched in 1970, succeeding the publication called Hara-Kiri, which had been banned due to its content being deemed too offensive by the French authorities at the time.

The headquarters of the publication Charlie Hebdo, which published in 2011 an edition dedicated to the Sharia Islamic law, with "Muhammad Editor-in-Chief", was destroyed after it was attacked with Molotov cocktails, and the magazine's website was hacked. Stephane Charbonnier, alias Charb, artist and director of Charlie Hebdo, said at the time that there were no casualties, but "everything we were using to make the newspaper burned".

The publication's website was hacked, and the frontpage was made to display an image of the sacred mosque in Mecca, along with the phrase "No god but Allah". On the page a message in Turkish and English had been posted, titled "For Islam", which criticized the use of the prophet's image, which Islam prohibits.

Charb said that the attack was caused by the announcement of the release of the "Sharia hebdo" issue, which was meant as a reaction to the victory in Tunisia, of the Ennahda Islamic party, as well as against the proclamation of the Islamic law in Libya. "We have received threats, but nobody had seen the paper. People reacted violently to the content of a newspaper even though they didn't know what it was, this is what is the most aberrant and idiotic", Charb said.

Charlie Hebdo was sued after it published in February 2006, caricatures depicting Muhammad, which were considered offensive by the Islamic organizations, but was acquitted by the French courts.

The publication of these caricatures in the Danish newspapers and subsequently in other European countries has sparked very violent protests in many Arab countries. The Danish cartoonist of the most controversial caricature, Kurt Westergaard, was even attacked by a muslim.

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